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Flashing and trim available in steel with coordinating finishes and colors for your residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural metal roofing project.


Use sealant tape at the panel laps for metal roofs to increase weather tightness. Order yours today.


Self drilling metal roofing fasteners, rivets, and clips available. All types. Metal to Wood and Metal to Metal. Painted and Galvanized.


High Quality, Natural Illuminating FRP Panels that match our most popular metal roofing profiles. Immediate Availability - 8 OZ White.


Foam closures for metal roofing and metal decking. 7/8" Corrugated, PBR Panel, Western Rib (7.2 Panel). Shop a wide variety of foam closures and foam plugs.


Galvanized square tube in stock in 14 gauge at many different lengths. Galvanized tube used for metal fence posts, metal carports, deck posts, panic bar gates, or building supports.


Metal Purlins and Cee Channel are in stock. Cee Purlins and Zee Purlins. Galvanized and Red Prime Painted. Immediate availability.


Buy Metal Roof Sealant. Available In A Variety Of Colors And Sizes. NovaFlex Construction Silicone Colored Caulk for Metal Roofing Applications.

Western States Metal Roofing - Pipe Flashing on a Metal Roof install Blog

We offer a wide range of pipe flashings in both square and round. Shop now.


Proper metal roof ventilation is essential for a healthy indoor environment. Our ProfileVent ventilation products are an intelligent solution for your roof.

How To Install Synthetic Underlayment On A Metal Roof-15

Find high strength moisture protective covering for the underlayment of your metal roof.


All of S-5!’s snow guard retention systems dramatically reduce these risks associated with rooftop avalanches while maintaining the clean lines of the roof. With multiple options to choose from, you can browse our selection of metal roof snow stops to see which product will work the best for your metal roof.


S-5! provides the easiest, most cost-effective way to install solar panels directly to standing seam metal roofs.


Snap Lock Panels With Clips & Concealed Fasteners

Western Lock® Standing Seam - Bonderized®

Bonderized will look like a weathered zinc or an old galvanized standing seam roof. It was developed because it is easier to paint than galvanized and many other finishes. However, in recent years architects have used Bonderized for roofing and siding without applying a paint to the steel. This is done to achieve a beautiful dull gray weathered look. Bonderized is NOT a paint finish and there is no paint warranty. Bonderized also known as " Paint Grip " looks excellent from BOTH up close and from a distance.

Bonderized can be used in exterior or interior applications. It is a perfect solution for an interior application as it arrives looking patina'd.

If you are interested in this color I would highly recommend requesting a sample of standing seam in Bonderized. You really need to see this panel up close to appreciate the beauty and authenticity of this finish.

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Standing Seam Flashing Details & Trim Part Numbers

Product Data

Material Type: Standing Seam Metal Panels

Rib Height: 1.75"

Overall Width:
Standard: 18"
Custom Widths Available: 12"-20"

Available Gauges: 24/Standard
22/Custom Ordered

Substrate: Galvanized G-90

Finishes: Bonderized

Fasteners: Concealed

Panel Length: 1' to 52'

Recommended Minimum Roof Slope: 3/12

Installation over a solid substrate with an underlayment between the panel and the substrate.


See How These Colors Will Look On Your Building

Colors & Finishes

Over 100 Colors To Choose From

Click Dropdown To Explore Color Groups

Standard Colors (PVDF)

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Regal Blue Image
  • Slate Blue Image
  • Regal Red Image
  • Colonial Red Image
  • Terra Cotta Image
  • Classic Green Image
  • Dark Bronze Image
  • Medium Bronze Image
  • Mansard Brown Image
  • Burnished Slate Image
  • Zinc Metallic Image
  • Charcoal Gray Image
  • Slate Gray Image
  • Ash Gray Image
  • Copper Penny Image
  • Desert Tan Image
  • Sandstone Image
  • Almond Image
  • Bone White Image
  • Regal White Image

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Matte Regal White Image
  • Matte Sandstone Image
  • Matte Desert Tan Image
  • Matte Slate Gray Image
  • Matte Musket Gray Image
  • Matte Zinc Metallic Image
  • Matte Patina Image
  • Matte Charcoal Gray Image
  • Matte Burnished Slate Image
  • Matte Mansard Brown Image
  • Matte Medium Bronze Image
  • Matte Dark Bronze Image
  • Matte Midnight Black Image
  • Matte Black Image
  • Matte Classic Green Image
  • Matte Colonial Red Image

SMP Paint Finish

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Polar White Image
  • Bright White Image
  • Light Stone Image
  • Sahara Tan Image
  • Desert Beige Image
  • Light Gray Image
  • Koko Brown Image
  • Emerald Green Image
  • Country Red Image
  • Hawaiian Blue Image
  • Steel Gray Image

Special Order Colors (500 Sq. Ft. Minimum)

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Solar White Image
  • Stone White Image
  • Surrey Beige Image
  • Sierra Tan Image
  • Dove Gray Image
  • Aged Patina Image
  • Sage Green Image
  • Hemlock Green Image
  • Hartford Green Image
  • Evergreen Image
  • Burgundy Image
  • Silver Metallic Image
  • Champagne Image
  • Pre-Weathered Galvalume Image

Additional Finishes

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Galvalume®/ Zincalume® Image
  • Galvanized G90 Image
  • A606-4 (aka Corten®) Image
  • Bare Cold Rolled Image
  • Bonderized Image
  • Rezibond® Image
  • Copper Image
  • Stainless Steel Image

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Black Zinc Matte® Image
  • Matte Black Image
  • Matte Midnight Black Image
  • Dark Bronze Image
  • Matte Dark Bronze Image
  • Medium Bronze Image
  • Blackened Steel Matte® Image
  • Speckled Blackened Rust® Image
  • Streaked Blackened Rust® Image
  • Blackened Copper® Image
  • Vintage® Image
  • Burnt Wood® Image

Copper Colors

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Streaked Copper® Image
  • Speckled Copper® Image
  • Streaked Blue Copper® Image
  • Speckled Blue Copper® Image
  • Copper Patina® Image
  • Green Copper® Image
  • Aged Copper® Image
  • Blackened Copper® Image
  • Burnished Slate® Image
  • Weathered Metallic® Image
  • Copper Penny® Image

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Burnished Slate Image
  • Charcoal Gray Image
  • Patina Image
  • Slate Gray Image
  • Dove Gray Image
  • Zinc Metallic Image
  • Ash Gray Image
  • Matte Burnished Slate Image
  • Matte Charcoal Gray Image
  • Matte Patina Image
  • Matte Zinc Metallic Image
  • Matte Musket Gray Image
  • Matte Slate Gray Image
  • Vintage® Image
  • Black Zinc Matte® Image
  • Gray Zinc Matte Image
  • Galv-Ten Robust® Image
  • Zinc Patina Image
  • Bonderized Image

Metal That Looks Like Wood

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Burnt Wood® Image
  • Distressed Wood® Image
  • Walnut Wood® Image

Rusted Colors

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Streaked Rust® Image
  • Speckled Rust® Image
  • Fresh Rust® Image
  • Corten AZP Raw® Image
  • Weathered Rustic® Image
  • Weathered Metallic® Image
  • Iron Rust® Image
  • Antique Rustic® Image
  • Reclaimed Metal Rust® Image
  • Streaked Galvanized Rust® Image
  • Speckled Galvanized Rust® Image
  • Blackened Copper® Image

Streaked Series

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Streaked Rust® Image
  • Streaked Blue Copper® Image
  • Streaked Copper® Image
  • Streaked Blackened Rust® Image
  • Streaked Galvanized Rust® Image

Vari-Cool® Color Changing Paint System

Hide List of Colors Show Colors as List

  • Copper Brown Patina Image
  • Kaleidoscope Image
  • Mesa Sunrise Image

About Bonderized


The two main advantages in using Bonderized when compared to Zinc or Galvanized are:

  1. Bonderized arrives looking weathered. You don NOT have to wait for it to look dull and weathered.
  2. Significant cost savings when compared to Steelscape Vintage or zinc finishes.

There are some things to be cautious of when using Bonderized for metal roofing and siding:

  • Material may develop white rust after installation.
  • When the material arrives on the jobsite it cannot get wet. Whether that moisture is from rain and/or condensation from a cold to hot day. If moisture gets into a tightly stacked bundle and sits there it will cause white rust.
  • Scratches easily.

If any of the above concerns are a problem than we would recommend that you look at Patina or Vintage. Both are painted products designed to look like a dull gray weathered product. See the home page of this website for more info.


Ordering Information

matte black corrugated roof walls

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matte black corrugated roof walls



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