Pre-Notched Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels

Tired of notching panels at the jobsite? Save time, money, and labor by pre-notching your standing seam metal roofing panels.

Pre-Notched Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels

Save Time, Labor, and Money

One of the first steps when installing standing seam panels is to hand snip each corner to prepare for the panels attachment to the eave. This results in a labor intensive process which adds to the cost and time of installation.

This important step can now be handled by Western States Metal Roofing. The panels will come with factory precise cuts and will have a one inch notch at both ends of the panel.

How Much Does It Cost To Pre-Notch Standing Seam Panels?

The cost of pre-notching will be less than the labor cost of manually notching the panels on the job-site. It's the same price for all types of standing seam, but heavier gauges will cost more to pre-notch.

  • 24 Gauge & 26 Gauge = $1.50 Per Panel
  • 22 Gauge = $2.50 Per Panel

Which Standing Seam Panels Can Be Pre-Notched?

  • Available in Snap Lock, Mechanically Seamed, and Nail Strip Panels. 
  • Available Gauges: 22, 24, 26

Pre-notched panels are also available with our on-site roll forming service!