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Spec Builder Tool

Gather All The Documents You Need
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This easy-to-use tool will walk you through a series of questions to help you gather all the documents you may need for a construction submittal. Once completed, you will receive a link to download each document individually and a chance to download them all at once. Start today!

How To Use The Spec Builder Tool

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First, select one panel type below

Select which part of your construction project you are planning for to display the available panel types. Please select only one option to begin.

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Next, select a panel profile

Use the drop down menu below to view the available types of concealed and exposed fastener panels based on your previous selection. 

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Now, pick your desired color or finish

Use the drop down menu below to select from a group of options. Each group will display a different set of colors to choose from. You can only pick one. 

Click the dropdown menu to explore more color options for this panel type.

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Select an available thickness (choose one)

The gauge of the panel determines the overall thickness and durability of the product with a lower number representing a thicker material. For those whose project requires the proper documentation for copper supply, ounces will be used in lieu of gauge. Only available material thickness based on your previous choices will be displayed for selection. The panel width and/or panel coverage will be displayed for your reference once you make a selection. Once you have made a selection, please click next.

If you do not see your desired material thickness, please select "Find A Solution" below the dropdown menu to continue. 

Don't see a Gauge/Ounce for your needs?
We can work with you to find a custom solution for your project.
Find a Solution

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You're almost done!

Below is a summary of all the choices you made along your path. Please verify the summary below is accurate before you continue. If everything is correct, please fill out the form and click submit to begin gathering all available documents based on your selections. 

Fill out the form below to complete your process.

Fill out this form and a specialist will contact you and help customize your order.


Your results are displayed below!

Below you will find a link to each and every available document based on your selection summary. You may download only the documents you need. Or, you can download all the associated documents by clicking on the red download all documents button.

Please note, by selecting "Download All Documents", a temporary .zip file will be generated. Once the files have been packaged, your download will begin automatically or a pop up window will display so you can choose where to store your files on your computer. You will need to unzip this file in order to access all the documents. This option can only be displayed once. If you decide not to download all documents at once, you will have to start over to display the option once again. 

If your project requires more than one type of panel, please select "Start Over" to begin the process once again. 

Selection Summary

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