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Gray Wood Metal Siding Panels

This color looks like a weathered gray wood that's been exposed to the weather for decades. Previously, if you wanted gray reclaimed lumber it would be expensive and difficult to find. Instead, you can buy a metal panel that does not require the maintenance of wood. Available in T-8 PlankWall® or Board & Batten.

Perfect for metal siding, fences, ceilings, soffits, and fascia panels.

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Gray Wood

Metal Siding Designed To Replicate Weathered Gray Wood

Board & Batten

Board and batten metal siding panels have the look of wood board and batten, but without the maintenance.


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T-8 PlankWall®

T-8 PlankWall® is a painted metal soffit and wall panel system that offers architects and designers an alternative to real wood.


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Metal That Looks Like Wood

Colors represented on this chart may not exactly match actual material. All colors should be verified using actual metal samples.


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  • Maple Wood Image
  • Rosewood Image
  • Walnut Wood Image
  • Gray Wood Image
  • Distressed Wood Image
  • Aged Wood Image
  • Black Wood Image
  • Burnt Wood Image