Concealed Fastener Metal Wall Panels

Concealed fastener metal wall panels are available in a flush wall panel, reveal panels, wave panels, and standing seam. Six types of siding to choose from in over 100 colors. Buy manufacturer direct and save.

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Metal Wall Panels aka Metal Siding

What Are Concealed Fastener Metal Wall Panels?

Concealed fastener metal wall panels are attached to the substructure without any visible fasteners. Instead, concealed fastener panels are installed with clips and/or screws that are attached behind the face of the panel. Once installed, concealed fasteners are not visible on the exterior of the wall. They are hidden inside interlocking panel joints for protection from the elements, creating a smooth appearance that is more aesthetically pleasing than exposed fastener roofing panels.

Advantages of Concealed Fastener Panels

Because concealed fasteners are hidden below the metal roof sheeting, less maintenance is required. Concealed fasteners offer improved weathertightness and a more streamlined appearance.