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Trim and Flashing for Metal Roofing and Wall Panels

Metal roofing trim is available for each metal panel that we manufacture. Use our trim and metal flashing center to find the metal roof trim option that's best for your roof or wall panel. Dimensions, details, and installation videos for each trim piece including gable, ridge, roof edge, fascia, valley flashing, eave trim, transition flashing and more.

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Metal Roofing Trim and Flashing Systems

Metal trim and flashing is used in a roofing system or on a metal building to prevent the passage of water into a structure. It's used for metal roofing material and siding applications. Click on any one of the links below to view available trim and roof flashing associated with the corresponding metal roofing panels and wall panels.

Why Use Metal Trim On Your Roof?

Metal trim enhances your roof's durability by serving as an extra barrier to prevent moisture from seeping through and forming damage inside your roofing system. Trim decreases the chance of a roof panel experiencing leaks that can create water damage to your home. Preventing water damage extends the longevity of your roof and prevents the need for repairs. Trim components also give your metal roof the perfect finishing touch that gives it a refined shape and finished look. These accessories are available in every color option to match your roof. 

Finish Your Metal Roof With Trim, Soffit, And Fascia Panels

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