Custom Metal Panels: If You Draw It We Can Bend It®

Are you an architect that wants a custom metal panel for your project? Do you need to match an existing metal panel that's no longer made? If you provide us a line drawing of the panel we can make it for you. 

Custom panels will double or triple the price of a panel that can be made on a roll former. In addition, we can only supply custom panels to architects and contractors. This service is NOT available to homeowners.

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What Is A Custom Metal Panel?

A custom metal panel is not manufactured on a roll former. It's metal siding or roofing panel that's made on a break. Metal panels that are made on a roll former cannot be modified. Metal panels that are made on a break can be made to your custom dimensions. These panels can be made in aluminum, copper, or steel.

Custom metal panels are more labor intensive and cost significantly more than a standard roll formed panel.

How Do You Get A Quote For A Custom Panel?

 Email us a drawing of your panel or mail us a physical sample.

The drawing of the panel should include:
1. Height
2. Pitch - Center of high rib to center of high rib.
3. Width
4. Panel length
5. Materials List - How many panels at what length
6. Any additional dimensions or pertinent information.

How Much Does A Custom Metal Panel Cost?

Can You Order Custom Aluminum Panels?

Can You Order Custom Copper Panels?

Tapered Metal Panels

What Are The Size & Gauge Limitations?

Is There A Minimum Order Size?

Can Custom Metal Panels Be Shipped Anywhere?

How To Get Started

Our Custom Panel Creation Process

  1. Consultation: Discuss your project needs with our experts to determine the best design and specifications for your custom panels.
  2. Design Mock Up Panel: Provide us with your design specifications, line drawing, and preferred color or finish. If you have a physical panel, you can ship it to our facility in Phoenix and we'll match it for you. A mock up panel starting costs is $250 (not including shipping.) This amount can be applied to your complete order if you order more than 25 panels. 
  3. Fabrication: Our Jorns JDB Double Bending Machine takes over, delivering precise and consistent bends to create panels that match your specifications.
  4. Quality Check: Every panel undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure it meets our high standards before it reaches you.
  5. Delivery: Receive your custom panels on time and ready for installation, with our reliable delivery service.

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