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Matte Metal Roofing Colors For Houses And Commercial Buildings

The latest trend in architecture is the use of matte metal roofing and siding colors for your house or commercial project. Matte colors have a warm, inviting look that is elegant and not as intense as a glossy finish.

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Matte Colors vs. Standard Colors (Pros & Cons)

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Matte Metal Roofing Color Chart

All of these colors are NOT readily available and/or can be ordered in small quantities. Please inquire within. Minimum orders may apply. Please contact your sales rep for more details. Also, please note, colors represented on this chart may not exactly match actual material. All colors should be verified using actual metal samples.
Matte Metal Roofing Colors

Frequently Asked Questions About Matte Colors For Metal Roof Panels

At Western States Metal Roofing we receive a lot of questions about matte colors. However, there are really only two questions people ask about the most. Take a look at each one below.

Matte Finishes Vs. Glossy Metal Roofing Colors : What's the Difference?

Matte colors are flat and have less of a glare than your standard glossy metal roofing colors. If you’re looking to increase the curb appeal of your house, then using a dark matte finish can be the perfect solution. A matte finish can be useful when working with black because it can soften the sometimes harsh appearance that black or other dark colors might give off.

A glossy metal roofing color will give off a more dramatic, intense appearance than a matte metal roofing color. You should choose this finish type if you want a roof with a shinier appearance. Consider the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve and keep in mind that many homeowners associations are requiring matte finishes. This is becoming more commonplace because it reduces the glare for all of the neighboring residences.

How Do I Reduce The Glare On My Metal Roof?

Once a metal roof is installed, there is not much that can be done to reduce the glare. However, if you have not yet installed your roof, you can reduce glare by choosing a matte finish for your metal roof. When sunlight hits a matte surface, it scatters in many different directions due to the roughness of the surface. This means that less light is reflected directly back to the viewer, resulting in reduced glare.

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