Request a Sample for Metal Roofing & Metal Wall Panels

Please Note: Although Western States Metal Roofing will send you samples free at no charge for standard delivery we must limit it to 3-5 samples per homeowner to keep down cost. Projects for homeowners will require a minimum of 750 sq. ft. to receive a sample or place an order.

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Why should you request a metal color sample?

  • Online color cards and website images are never completely accurate. Monitor settings are different for everyone.
  • Viewing a sample online is not the same as viewing it in person.
  • Looking at a sample at your kitchen counter is not the way it will look when it’s installed on your roof.
  • View the sample outdoors in bright sunshine and in the early evening hours.
  • Look at the sample from up close and from afar. Once the metal roofing is installed you will be viewing the material from ground to roof.
  • View your samples from a distance of at least ten to twenty feet. Sometimes the details in the paint can get lost when viewed from a long distance.


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