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Painted Rusted Metal Roofing - New Steel That Looks 100 Years Old

Pre-painted metal that looks like old rusted tin roofing. 12 colors to choose from and available in roofing, siding, flat sheets, and coil. The look of an authentic rusted metal roof, but without all of the problems. 

Painted Rusted Metal Roofing Color Chart

The Look Of Real Aged Corten, But Without Rust Stains

Painted Panels That Looks Like Real Rusted Tin Roofing

Do you want the look of a rusted roof, but without the problems? Painted rusted metal roofing panels are pre-painted to replicate the look of a real rusted roof. Our rust colored metal panels are not only unique, but will truly turn your building design into a work of art.

Here's why painted rusted metal roofing is a great alternative to a real rusted roof:

  • No rust stains.
  • Arrives looking rusted. You don’t have to wait for the metal to weather.
  • Paint warranty
  • Free metal samples are available upon request.

    Painted Rusted Metal Roofing Color Chart

Streaked Rust®

This is our most authentic looking rusted color. Check out a side by side comparison vs. real rusted corrugated metal.

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Speckled Rust®

This color has a beautiful deep orange and brown patina. There is more orange in this paint print than our other colors.

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Fresh Rust®

Very similar in appearance to Corten AZP Raw®, but with less of a linear appearance.

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Corten AZP Raw®

This is our most popular color. It's designed to mimic the look of real aged Corten®, but without the rust stains.

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Rustic Rawhide®

This color has texture, it's not a smooth finish. It looks and feels like a real rust that has worked it's way into the metal substrate.

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Weathered Rustic®

Our darkest brown rusted color. It works better for walls vs roofs because the detail in the paint is more visible from up close.

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Weathered Metallic®

This color blends the look of brownish and orange rust and a metallic paint system. It looks great from up close and afar.

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Iron Rust®

Iron Rust® is a special order color that's only available on large projects. Consider Antique Rustic® as an alternate.

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Antique Rustic®

Antique Rustic® cost 35% less than the other colors because it's a lighter 26 gauge steel and a less expensive SMP paint system.

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Reclaimed Metal Rust®

The classic look of an old reclaimed metal roof. This color mimics an old galvanized roof with white and orange rust streaks.

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Streaked Galvanized Rust®

The highs of the panel are designed to look like dull galvanized and the lows have orange rust stains.

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Speckled Galvanized Rust®

This color looks like an old and galvanized rusted roof. The orange rust spots are less linear and it's available in all panels.

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Blackened Copper®

This is a stunning color that looks like a mix of a blackened steel or copper that has a subtle orange patina.

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Corten® Roofing

Real Rusted Roofing

Rusted roofing is new steel that looks 100 years old. It will arrive un-rusted and will naturally develop a gorgeous orange and brown rusted finish. It's available in Corten®/A606-4 and bare cold rolled steel.

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Faux Copper Colors

The Color Of Copper At The Price Of Metal

Why pay for an expensive copper roof? Metal roofing and siding that has been pre-painted to look like patina'd copper is a growing favorite among architects and builders. Huge cost savings when compared to real copper.

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Weathered Gray Colors

Gray Zinc Colors

These colors are perfect when you want an old and aged metal that is not rusted or coppered colored. It's designed to look like an aged zinc or a dull gray galvanized finish. Significant cost savings when compared to real zinc.

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You want to pick the right metal roofing color to complement your house design. Once your roof is installed changing the color is not an option, so choosing a color that looks appealing is imperative.

With this guide, you will learn about the following factors:

  • Geographical Location
  • Neighborhood Trends
  • Architectural Style
  • Surrounding Features
  • Darker vs. Light Colors
  • Energy Savings
  • Natural Lighting
  • Much More

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