3D Textures Library For Metal Roofing And Metal Siding Panels

3D Renderings are made easy by loading ready-to-use smart textures in your design software. With smart textures, spend less time manually reproducing generic textures for your 3D Renderings. Our metal roofing and siding textures will help you create precise photorealistic images that make your project look as real as you intended it to be.

What Are 3D Textures?

How To Download 3D Smart Textures®

Forget A Physical Sample. Try An Online E-Sample® 

3D Smart Textures & E-Samples

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Corten/ A606-4

Corten/ A606-4 - 7/8" Corrugated


Corten/ A606-4 - PBR® Panel


Corten/ A606-4 - Rustwall® 1"


Corten/ A606-4 - Rustwall® 2"


Corten/ A606-4 - Rustwall® 3"


Corten/ A606-4 - Western Lock Standing Seam


Corten/ A606-4 - Western Reveal® 1"


Corten/ A606-4 - Western Reveal® 2"


Corten/ A606-4 - Western Reveal® 3"


Corten/ A606-4 - Western Reveal® NR


Corten/ A606-4 - Western Reveal® NR

Metal Roofing Textures For 3D Renderings

What Are 3D Smart Textures?

Smart textures® are for architects and structural engineers who use a 3D rendering program to generate photorealistic images on their initial building designs. These images are used to show their clients a visual representation of what their project will look like using actual materials specified on the project for construction. Below you will find the first three textures available to download. More coming soon.


Frequently Asked Questions About 3D Smart Textures

Get the insight you need to learn more about Smart Textures and how it can work for you.

What are Smart Textures?

3D Textures, also known as Smart Textures, are used by Architects and Designers to transform illustrations of their designs into 3D renderings. 

What is the resolution of a Smart Texture?

Do you offer lighting effects on the texture?

How much time can I save if I use Smart Textures?

Which design software can I use?

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