3D Textures For Metal Roofing And Metal Siding Panels

Introducing 3D Smart Textures for metal roofing and siding panels. Our goal with introducing this technology is to allow architects the ability to insert Smart Textures into their 3D renderings. This results in photorealistic presentations that accurately represent how a product will look.

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For 3D Renderings, Introducing...

3D Textures

To complement the new eSamples™ offering, Western States Metal Roofing went a step further and also added Smart Textures for 3D renderings. Smart Textures allow architects and designers to incorporate real products into their renderings.

3D textures eliminate the need to reproduce the texture from the company’s materials and adapt to different lighting conditions (morning, afternoon, evening) while offering multiple viewpoints, just like real materials, all up to an 8K resolution.

Additionally, Smart Textures are compatible with the industry’s leading design visualization software such as AUTODESK 3DS MAX®, AUTODESK MAYA, SketchUp®, and works with many other 3D applications, CAD, AR and VR Software, real-time and ray tracing renderings.


Frequently Asked Questions About 3D Smart Textures

Get the insight you need to learn more about Smart Textures and how it can work for you.

What are Smart Textures?

What is the resolution of a Smart Texture?

Do you offer lighting effects on the texture?

How much time can I save if I use Smart Textures?

Which design software can I use?

Attain more comfort and certainty in your design choice.

At Western States Metal Roofing, we decided to simplify the time-consuming and tedious process of selecting the right material for your project. We are aware that choosing the best material requires a significant financial commitment with outcomes that are difficult to change after they have been installed. There are two things that are recurrent in this material research process:

One is that finding the right color or material for any project is not an easy one! The other is uncertainty. Despite finding the right material, we can never feel fully confident until the entire project is completed. This technology has high-definition zoom ability, visual light reflectivity, and true 3D renderings for architects.  These features will reduce the uncertainty, and embrace the convenience of online/digital purchasing.


What Are E-Samples?

E-Samples allow you to view our products better online. E-Samples give you the ability to zoom in to view the texture, details, and how the product looks and interacts when it hits light at different angles. 

Why Use Online E-Samples?

Our E-Samples provide you the chance to engage with the panel sample by utilizing interactive technologies built on realism and product integrity! Zoom in to see the true intricacies and texture of the panel, and observe how the material appears in relation to light at various angles—something you could only accomplish in person when holding a sample in your hand.

We are proud to revolutionize and transform our sample process, saving you the time, labor, and money for project submittal.

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