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Material Take-Offs For Metal Roofing And Siding Panels

Western States Metal Roofing (WSMR) is excited to offer our customers a complimentary takeoff. A takeoff is a report that provides you with a full list of the materials needed to complete your metal roofing or metal siding project.

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What You Need To Know About Our Free Take-Off Service for Metal Roofing & Siding Panels - Watch Now!

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What Is A Metal Roof Takeoff?

A roof takeoff is a report that provides a full list of the materials needed to complete your roofing project. The term “takeoff” refers to taking each of the required materials off of the blueprint for a project. Generally, the list is generated from the final full set of a project’s architectural plans.

The cost of the materials is also included in a roof takeoff, making the report critical in determining the required budget for the project. Roof takeoffs are a necessary requirement to having an organized and successful installation.

5 Things You Will Need To Get Started

Items Needed to Complete Your Takeoff

  1. Final Full Set of Architectural Plans in PDF format (must include floor plans, wall sections, roof plan, reflected ceiling plan, elevations, detail pages)
  2. The profile, finish, gauge and width of the panels you are ordering
  3. Signed disclaimer
  4. Correct billing/ shipping address
  5. We cannot do a takeoff without the items listed above.

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More About Material Takeoff Requests

The Takeoff Process

WSMR has a takeoff specialist that will be corresponding with you throughout the takeoff process. Below is the order of events that occur with WSMR takeoffs.

  1. You submit the completed items needed to your sales rep (final full set of architectural plans, chosen panel specifications, signed disclaimer, correct billing/shipping address).
  2. The takeoff is completed and sent to you for review in the form of a sales order.
  3. You are responsible to field measure your project and verify your findings with the sales order. You also go over your order specifications (panel profile/finish/gauge, quantities, sizes, length) and other contents within the order to make sure they are correct.
  4. If something on the takeoff is missing/inaccurate, please respond directly to the sales order email, or with your salesperson, with any corrections or concerns.
  5. After you've reviewed the sales order, and everything looks accurate, go ahead and sign it.
First Come, First Serve

Takeoff Turnaround Time

Takeoffs are done by WSMR on a first-come, first-served basis. Expedited takeoffs are not available. While we cannot guarantee when the takeoff will be finished, they are generally completed within two weeks of WSMR receiving the above items needed for takeoff. The best way to ensure your takeoff is done as quickly as possible is to submit the required items in a timely fashion.

No Exceptions

One Takeoff Per Project

We can only perform one takeoff per project. The purpose of a takeoff is not for pricing, it is to get you your final materials list to purchase and complete your project.

You cannot have multiple takeoffs done for the same project with different panel specifications for comparison. You must know exactly the type of panel you are using for your project prior to submitting for a takeoff.

Minimum Requirement: 3,000 sq. ft.

Who should have a takeoff done?

This service is solely for those who are in the final stage before completing an order with WSMR. At this point, you are finished picking out your material. You know exactly what kind of panel (profile, color, gauge, panel width) you are purchasing and are ready to order. There is a minimum job size requirement of 3,000 sq. ft. of roofing or wall panels.

A takeoff should also be done on a project that can be field verified, meaning the shell of the structure has been completed. We do not recommend pre-ordering material based on project plans.

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