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Colors And Styles Of Metal Roofing

There are four types of painted metal roofing colors and styles that we offer: special order colors, standard colors, matte colors, and specialty paint prints. We offer more than 100 colors to choose from and we sell factory direct to both homeowners and contractors.

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Custom Ordered Colors - PVDF

Are Special Ordered Metal Roofing Colors Right For My House?

Finding the perfect metal roofing color that will blend in with your architecture is not easy. You may need an exact shade of a specific color. As a result, we don't limit you to just the colors that we inventory. We also offer special ordered colors. These metal roofing colors are not in stock. They are supplied on a job by job basis. If you see a color that you like, there are some things that you should be aware of.

  • 500 Square Foot Minimum
  • Longer Lead Times
  • Cost An Additional 10% to 25% When Compared To Standard Colors

We recommend that you start by looking at all of our standard metal roofing colors or matte metal roofing colors and styles. You can find the links below on this page. They cost less and can be manufactured quicker. If you need something different, these colors below might be your solution to finding the perfect metal roofing color for your house.


Color Chart For Special Ordered Colors


Solar White

Solar White metal roofing has a small amount of yellow in the color. It resembles a color that's equal parts beige and off white.

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Stone White

Stone White metal roofing has a small amount of gray in the color. It's similar to regal white, but with more gray in the color.

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Surrey Beige

Beige metal roofing is a popular earth tone color. Surrey Beige is darker than Sandstone and lighter than Surrey Beige.

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Sierra Tan

Tan metal roofing will blend in nicely with the existing features of your house. Sierra Tan metal roofs are a dark tan color.

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Dove Gray

Gray metal roofing is one of our best selling colors. Dove Gray metal roofs look darker than Ash Gray and lighter than Slate Gray.

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Aged Patina

Aged Patina is designed to look like an aged copper metal roof. It's a tropical color that looks like a sea foam green.

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Sage Green

Sage Green metal roofs are a lighter shade of green. It's similar to the shade of green that's in camouflage. 

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Hemlock Green

Hemlock Green metal roofs look like a dark shaded aqua marine. It's darker than Sage Green and lighter than Evergreen.

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Hartford Green

Hartford Green metal roofs are the darkest shade of green that we offer. 

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Evergreen Green metal roofs are a shade of green that's consistent with the leaves of a tree. Our second darkest green.

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Burgundy metal roofs are a dark red color that gets its name from the color of Burgundy wine. It's darker than Colonial Red.

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Silver Metallic

Silver Metallic metal roofs are made from a metallic paint system. It is designed to reflect light and have a brighter shine.

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Champagne metal roofs have a metallic paint system that will have a brighter shine than a non metallic painted panel.

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Pre-Weathered Galvalume®

Pre-Weathered galvalume is designed to look like an old galvalume roof that's started to fade. It's a metallic paint system.

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PVDF Painted Metal Roofing Panels

Standard Colors PVDF

If you're interested in a high quality painted metal roof, then we have 20 colors that are readily available in a standard PVDF paint finish. Choosing a standard metal roofing color will save you time and money versus a special order color.

This high-performance fluoropolymer resin, with its extraordinary capability to retain color and gloss, keeps painted metal looking vibrant and appealing. It's the chosen paint system that architects around the world specify on their buildings.

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Matte Colors

Matte Metal Roofing Colors

Dark matte colors are the latest metal roofing trend.  Matte finishes are flat and less reflective than a standard glossy metal roofing color.

This softens the look of a dark color like black and gives it more depth and less glare. In fact, matte black has become one the best selling metal roofing colors. 16 matte colors to choose from.

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Designer Paint Prints

Do You Want A Color That Pops?

Designer paint prints are new steel that's painted to look real patina'd metal. These colors look authentic and will make your roof the focal point of your house.

  • Rusted Colors
  • Copper Colors
  • Gray Zinc Colors
  • Blackened Steel Colors

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Not seeing the color that you want? Here's 14 different colors that can be special ordered for your job.

The Ultimate Guide

How To Choose A Metal Roofing Color

You’ve decided to put metal roofing on your house and now it is time to answer the toughest question that most buyers face: Which color should I choose for my metal roof?

You want to pick the right metal roofing color to complement your house design. Once your roof is installed changing the color is not an option, so choosing a color that looks appealing is imperative.

With this guide, you will learn about the following factors:

  • Geographical Location
  • Neighborhood Trends
  • Architectural Style
  • Surrounding Features
  • Darker vs. Light Colors
  • Energy Savings
  • Natural Lighting
  • Much More

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All About Metal Roofing Colors

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