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On-Site Roll Forming Service for Metal Roof Installers in Arizona

Western States Metal Roofing is excited to announce we now offer on-site roll forming services for commercial projects located in the state of Arizona that require extra long metal roofing or metal siding panels that can't be produced or shipped directly from their metal roofing supplier to their job site.

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On-Site Roll Forming Services Available

Do you provide your own on-site roll forming service?

Roll Forming For Commercial Buildings

Who’s On-Site Roll Forming For?

Onsite roll forming is a service that’s provided to contractors only with a minimum of 5,000 square feet. It’s not a service that’s provided to homeowners. Onsite roll forming and installation of the metal panels are independent functions.

WSMR does NOT install metal roofing and siding panels. It's the contractors responsibility to install the panels.

Locations & Requirements

Locations Offered For On-Site Roll Forming

WSMR offers our on-site roll forming service for projects in the state of Arizona and anywhere else within the continental United States.

Requirements at Job Site

This service can be used at any commercial location in the state that meets the below requirements:

  • Contractors Only
  • 5,000 Sq. Ft. Minimum
  • Location Has Proper Space  - To ensure your job site is eligible, WSMR will perform an on-site inspection prior to the date of your on-site roll forming service. This is so we can verify that your project location is both accessible and has enough space for roll forming. If you are ramping up to a roof, keep in mind you will need at least 30 feet of clearance from the roll former to the roof.
  • Crew And Equipment - While we provide a roll forming operator, you will be responsible for having a crew and any necessary equipment (forklift, crane etc.) on-site at the time of your roll forming service to handle the panels once they are ready. If renting the machine only, we must qualify you to operate the machine first.
  • Weather Permitting - Please note that our on-site roll forming service is weather permitting. If there are inclement weather conditions on the date scheduled, such as rain or heavy winds, the service will have to be rescheduled for a later date.
Lead Times

How Quickly Can You Start?

We ask that you contact us at least three weeks prior to your desired project start date. This provides us time to inspect your project location and schedule your machine and roll forming operator.

For larger and commercial projects, the project time varies. This will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation.

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Onsite Roll Forming - Phoenix, AZ

What Types Of Metal Panels Can Be Roll Formed On-Site?

Western States Metal Roofing offers on site roll forming services for these metal panels.

Snap Lock Standing Seam

Western Lock® standing seam panels don't require a roofing seamer tool. It's quicker and less expensive to install vs mechanically seamed roofing panels.

  • Clip Fastened With Concealed Fasteners
  • 1.75" Panel Seam

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2" Mechanically Seamed

MS2® mechanically seamed panels are the most weather-tight panel that we offer. It's perfect for roofs with a very low slope roof. This panel requires a roof seaming tool. 

  • Double Lock or Single Lock
  • 2" Panel Seam

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Western Wave®

Western Wave® is a rigid wall panel that can be installed vertically or horizontally. It's perfect for walls, equipment screens, and mansards

  • Concealed Fasteners
  • No Clips Required
  • 7/8" Panel Height

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Western Reveal®

Give the outside of your building a facelift with these modern and gorgeous flush wall panels. Mix and match different reveals, face sizes, and widths.

  • 1", 2", or 3" Reveals
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation

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