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Copper Colored Metal Roofs: Colors, Benefits, And Cost
Lauren Risotto

By: Lauren Risotto on February 2nd, 2022

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Copper Colored Metal Roofs: Colors, Benefits, And Cost

Color Options

Copper is arguably the most beautiful type of roof. The strikingly shiny copper penny appearance will patina over time into a blue-green hue that gives copper roofing both a unique aesthetic and a protective finish that makes copper last for 100 years or longer. If it’s long lasting and attractive, why don’t you see copper roofs everywhere? The answer comes down to price.

Copper roofs are the most expensive type of metal roofing system, and one of the most expensive types of roofing material in general, so real copper is not a common choice among homeowners or building owners. However, there are other roofing options when you want a copper colored roof at a fraction of the price of authentic copper.

standing seam metal roof in green copper

At Western States Metal Roofing, we manufacture metal roofing and siding panels in over 100 unique colors including copper colors which are steel panels in a paint finish that is designed to look like copper.

In this article, we go into detail on copper color metal panels and why they are a smart alternative to copper roofing.

How Metal Roof Panels Are Made To Look Like Copper

The copper painted metal panels are designed to reflect various stages of patina. Each copper metal panel is painted in the premium PVDF paint system with multiple colors throughout the highs and lows of the corrugations to create depth. The result is a very realistic paint print that mimics a copper appearance.


Copper Colors For Metal Panels

Copper color charts for metal panels

Copper Color Chart For Metal Panels

Copper Penny: Metallic paint finish that's designed to look like a brand new shiny copper roof. 

Weathered Metallic®: A blend of brownish and orange colors to resemble rust. It has more of a metallic finish than the other copper colors.

Copper Patina®: Looks like a copper patina roof that is a combination of green and brown copper roofing. 

Speckled Copper®: Resembles a dull copper penny and a green copper patina.

Blackened Copper®: Looks like a mix of a blackened steel or copper that has a subtle orange patina.

Streaked Blue Copper®: The highs of the corrugations are a dull blue patina and the lows have a soft greenish blue hue.

Aged Copper®: Looks like an aged copper roof that consists of a new shiny copper with an aqua green patina mixed in. 

Speckled Blue Copper®: Designed to look like a copper roof that has a matte blue copper patina finish.

Streaked Copper®: The highs of the corrugations look like a dull weathered brown copper and the lows are painted aqua marine green.

Green Copper®: Blue-green patina that can be found on old copper roofs.


Benefits Of Copper Color Metal Roof Panels 

  • Choose your desired look
  • No waiting for patina
  • No patina runoff
  • More affordable


Choose The Patina Color You Want 

Authentic copper will patina when oxygen in the air interacts with the metal atoms in the presence of water. The color of the patina will vary and depend on the climate and chemical reaction whether it turns more green or blue. 

If you don’t want to leave the color of your roof up to chance, using copper colored metal roof panels allows you to choose between different copper inspired color options so you can decide which type of patina look your roof will have.

Standing seam roof in copper brown patina

Standing Seam Roof in Copper Brown Patina


There’s No Need To Wait For Patina With Copper Color Metal Panels

Metal panels arrive in their final painted finish. Their appearance will not change, unlike copper which will start out shiny and then patina over time. Patina takes several months or years to develop. In addition, copper will continue to change color as the patina ages.


No Patina Runoff

Similar to rust, when Copper gets wet, it's patina can leave runoff streaks on surrounding areas like driveways and sidewalks.

Copper Color Metal Panels Are More Affordable Than Authentic Copper

Steel comes at a fraction of the price compared to copper. While the price of both metals fluctuates depending on the market, you can expect copper color metal panels to be up to 75% less than copper.


Copper Colored Metal Roofing Prices vs Real Copper Prices

The chart below gives a general price range for the panels only (excluding installation cost) for each panel type and profile. 

Panel Profile

Copper Colored Metal Panels

Authentic Copper Panels


$3.50 to $5.50 per sq. ft.

$13.00 to $20.00 per sq. ft.

Standing Seam

$4.00 to $5.50 per sq. ft

$15.00 to $25.00 per sq. ft.


When To Use Real Copper Over Copper Colored Metal Roofing

While copper colored metal roofs are a great alternative to copper, there are times when they are not the right roofing solution such as when you are:

  • Near the coast
  • Looking for an authentic patina
  • Looking for the longest lasting roof

Copper Roofs Are More Compatible Near The Coast

If you have a home near the ocean, you will want to use a metal roof that is compatible with the coast such as copper. The saltwater expedites the patina process on copper. The strength from this protective layer lessens the amount of corrosion and makes copper one of the best choices for a salt laden environment. However, steel does not have this same level of protection and will experience corrosion when near the ocean. Putting a steel roof near the ocean will cause your roof to rust and fail prematurely.


Copper Roofs Have An Authentic Patina

If you are looking for the authentic look and function of a patina, you will get that from copper or zinc roofing. While copper colored steel roofs have a striking resemblance to copper when viewed at a distance, they will not have the same exact authentic look as true copper. We suggest that you request a free sample so that you can view copper colored metal in person versus a website picture.

Copper Colored Metal Roof Pictures 

Need some copper design inspiration? Below are some examples of copper colored metal roofs.


Aged Copper Metal Roof Color in Standing Seam


Copper Penny PBR Panel


Streaked Blue Copper- ⅞” corrugated

Choosing The Right Copper Color Metal Roof Panels

Copper colored metal panels are ideal when looking for a copper look for your roof with all the benefits of metal at a much lower price point.

Western States Metal Roofing manufactures copper colored panels in 10 different unique copper options. Not sure which metal roofing color works best for your roof? Use our free color visualizer tool to upload a photo of your home or building and try out each copper roof color to get the best idea of how they will look.

When you find the copper color you like best, request a free color sample to see it in person.

Request a Free Color Sample

Color & Product Visualizer

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