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Flush Metal Wall And Soffit Panels: Pros, Cons, and Cost
Janine Estolas

By: Janine Estolas on June 9th, 2021

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Flush Metal Wall And Soffit Panels: Pros, Cons, and Cost

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When it comes to metal siding and metal wall panels, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, there are two special panel types known for their similarity in style and design, and that is our flush metal wall panel options, T-Groove and Western Reveal.

Though T-Groove and Western Reveal have been seen on most industrial or commercial buildings, a great thing about its modern dexterity is that it can also be applied on homes, creating a sleek and stylish look to any house on the block. 

At Western States Metal Roofing, we have been manufacturing metal panel types for metal roof and siding for over 20 years, and have been expanding our options for you ever since. We are the pros when it comes to Flush Metal walls and Metal Soffit Panels, and more importantly, we are here to help find what panel will work best for your project.

In this article, we will clearly define and distinguish our two similar Flush Metal Wall/Metal Soffit Panel types: T-Groove and Western Reveal. We will go over panel uses, pros, cons, and cost, to help you select which panel type would be more suitable for your home or project.

But first things first, you may be wondering what the words "flush wall" and "soffit" meant, so let's define some of our vocabularies so we can better understand the two-panel types. 

Things to know: What Are Flush Metal Wall, Metal Fascia, and Metal Soffit panels?

It can sometimes be confusing, but to clarify, Flush Metal Wall and Metal Soffit panels are sometimes used interchangeably because it is applied to the T-groove and Western Reveal Panels that we offer specifically. 

  • Flush Metal Wall panels have a “flush” face and are attached with concealed fasteners. They have the appearance of flat sheet metal.
  • Metal Soffit panels are usually installed at the underside of an eave to protect against the weather while also creating a discreet and modern look.
  • Metal Fascia panels refer to the "transition trim" on a home that supports the gutters and prevents water from causing any damage to the home.
  • An Important thing to note here is that T-Groove and Western Reveal both have a concealed fastener system that has hidden fasteners that interlock inside, giving the soffit application its ability to be installed vertically or horizontally. 
  • The term Flush wall panel is used to describe the appearance of the metal soffit panel/soffit material, which is softer, sleek, and adds texture to any flat surface.


Western Reveal® Metal Fascia Panel

Now that we have a better understanding of why these two-panel types are so special, let’s dive write in and break down the two flush wall panel types that we offer. 

Flush Metal Wall Panel: T-Groove®

Time to get creative! T-Groove flush metal wall panels are designed for metal soffits, ceilings, and walls, so we can extend the use of this panel type to the interior of a home or project as well, creating the look of modern and contemporary. This is a perfect panel for the eave of a roof, ceiling, or any interior and exterior wall siding. 



T-8 Plankwall, a flush wall panel designed to look like wood, is a popular choice when you want the look of wood without the extra maintenance.

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Reveal Wall Panel: Western Reveal®

Western Reveal is a versatile metal wall panel, that depending on how you want your panel to look, Western Reveal can become the focal point to any project, indoors or outdoors. Western Reveal is a bit different from T-groove because you have the option to pick the "reveal" or gap size between the panels.

western reveal musket gray

Western Reveal is available in no reveal (no gap), 1” inch reveal, 2” inch reveal, and 3” inch reveal. You can also customize your panel system and mix and match these different panel sizes. 

Western Reveal- No reveal:


Western Reveal- 1” inch reveal:


Western Reveal- 2” inch reveal:


Western Reveal- 3” inch reveal:


Flush Metal Wall Panel Pros:

  • Modern Design
  • Hidden Fasteners
  • Less Maintenance

Flush Wall Panels Have A Modern Design

One of the biggest focal points as to why people select these two types of panels for their projects is because it's modern with sleek lines. The clean and flat surface automatically makes any project of home appear "brand new", modern, sleek, and has a streamlined design. 

Metal soffit panels are so versatile and can be installed on the underside of eaves, fascia, a porch ceiling, and even as vertical siding or horizontal siding on any residential or commercial building. 

Flush Metal Wall Panels Have Concealed Fasteners

The screws are hidden and are not exposed which means you don't see any screw heads. These panels are more weather-tight compared to other exposed fastener systems. 

Flush Metal Wall Panels Require Less Maintenance

With an exposed fastener panel there is a possibility that the screws can back themselves out or that the sealing washer will get weathered. These problems are eliminated with a concealed fastener wall panel.

Flush Metal Wall Panel Cons:

  • Higher Cost
  • Longer Installation

Flush Metal Wall Panels Have A Higher Cost

One of the main cons to be aware of about these two-panel types is the affordability because any concealed fastener wall system is 2-3 times more expensive than exposed fastener systems. So if cost is your main concern, viewing our other exposed fastener panel types may be your best bet.

Flush Metal Wall Panels Take Longer To Install

Also, because it is a concealed system, and depending on the complexity of your project, this soffit installation is longer and more intricate than exposed fastener panels. The installation costs for these two are also higher and require more trim pieces.

Flush Panel Cost:

Because both of these panel types have a concealed fastener system, they are a little more pricey compared to exposed fastener systems like R-Panel and ⅞ Corrugated. 

T-Groove and Western Reveal historically cost $3.00 to $4.00 per square foot. This price can be higher depending on steel market conditions such as the COVID steel shortage of 2021.

To get a better understanding of what you might end up paying for your project and what other factors could affect the price, check out the article How Much Does Metal Siding Cost or request a quote.

Is A Flush Metal Wall Panel Right For Me?

Both of these panels are very similar when it comes to their build, design, and cost. But to decide between the two, it comes down to the look you would like for your project and which panel type allows for your creative dreams to flow! If you want more options for the look of your project pick Western Reveal®, but if you want a similar but more streamlined design, then pick T-groove®

We hope this knowledge brought more insight and help to your decision-making process, if you would like to learn more about what colors these panels are available in, visit our color resource center!

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