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How Much Does Metal Siding Cost?
Lauren Risotto

By: Lauren Risotto on September 21st, 2020

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How Much Does Metal Siding Cost?

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Whenever it’s time to make a big purchase, the topic of cost will always come up.

When it comes to investing in new siding, we understand that cost is a big deciding factor to many of our customers. Over the last 20 years of manufacturing metal siding, we’ve helped countless homeowners choose the siding that not only works best for their homes, but also that fits within their budgets.

In this article, we discuss the cost of metal siding and the factors that can affect the price. You’ll gain a good understanding of what you might expect to pay so that you can make the right decision for your metal siding.

Matte Black 7/8" Corrugated Metal Siding

Matte Black ⅞” Corrugated Metal Siding


Factors That Affect The Cost Of Metal Siding Panels

The two big considerations that go into the cost of metal siding are the cost of materials and the cost of installation. Each of these considerations have unique factors that contribute to the price you’ll actually pay.

Material Cost: Metal Siding Panels

The material cost of metal siding will vary based on:

  • Thickness Or Gauge Of The Steel
  • Type Of Material
  • Paint Finish
  • Size Of The Job
  • Fluctuations In The Steel Market
  • Metal Panel Profile
7/8" Corrugated In Copper Penny

Metal Siding Gauge

Whenever you are buying metal, the gauge is always a factor that you need to consider. The thicker the gauge, the more expensive it will be. Metal siding comes in different gauges mostly ranging from 22-29 gauge.

Most metal siding for homes will be 26 gauge or 24 gauge. Anything lighter than 26 gauge is not a recommended use of your money. If you go this route, you’ll be left with an inferior product that’s not meant to be long-lasting. The main reason you’d go with a gauge lighter (like 29 gauge) is to save money, but really you’re not saving much when compared to 26-gauge.

A 26-gauge metal panel costs about 10 to 15 percent more than a 29-gauge panel.

Material that’s heavier than 24 gauge is normally not necessary for home applications. There’s rarely an instance in which steel heavier than 24 gauge would be worth the additional costs.

For reference, 24 gauge metal siding costs 30% to 40% more than 26 gauge material.


To help determine which gauge is best for your siding, we recommend reading: What Gauge Should I Use For Metal Siding? A Homeowner’s Guide


Metal Siding Materials

Metal siding panels are available in 4 types of materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Zinc

The majority of metal siding will be made from steel or aluminum panels. Aluminum panels generally cost about 35% more than steel panels.

Aluminum siding costs about $9 to $17 per square foot installed.

Steel siding costs about $7 to $16 per square foot installed.

Every metal siding project is different and the installation prices will vary depending upon the type of panel, difficulty of installation, and location of the project.

If you are looking for the longest-lasting metal siding, then the best option is zinc or copper. Both of these materials have been known to last well over a hundred years.

Zinc and copper are similar in cost, but they are significantly more expensive than steel or aluminum. These are premium metal materials that will generally cost 4 to 5 times the price of steel siding.


Metal Siding Paint Finishes

Metal panels come in a variety of finishes which will affect the price. There are different paint systems to choose from when using painted panels.

Panels will come in either a SMP paint finish or a PVDF paint finish.

Panels that have a PVDF paint finish are going to be more durable, but are also more expensive than SMP painted panels.

PVDF panels cost anywhere from 15-35% more than SMP panels.

The higher cost of PVDF is because of higher quality components that result in your paint color maintaining its vibrancy for a longer period of time than SMP.

Learn More About The Differences Between Paint Systems For Metal Panels HERE


Size Of Your Home

As you’d probably assume, the larger your home or project area is, the more material you will have to buy. Larger jobs will cost less than smaller jobs because the metal siding manufacturer has less labor costs and the delivery charges costs less per square foot. As long as your job is at least 1,000 square feet the price differences are minimal. Generally a really large job and a job of a couple thousand square feet are within 10% to 25% of each other.

Conversely, really small jobs, under 500 square feet, will cost significantly more than larger jobs. These small jobs could easily cost double to triple the price of a larger job.


Fluctuations In The Steel Market

The price of steel fluctuates depending on supply and demand. The price can also be affected by current world events. While we have given a range for the price of panels, a more specific price depends on what is happening in the steel industry at the time you decide to purchase your metal siding panels.


Metal Siding Panel Profiles

T-Groove® Concealed Fastener Panel In Mesa Sunrise

T-Groove® Concealed Fastener Panel in Mesa Sunrise

Metal siding comes in different panel profiles, or shapes, that affect the appearance of the siding depending on what aesthetic you’re going for.

Most metal siding panels are exposed fastener panels such as ⅞” Corrugated, R Panel, or 7.2 Panel. However, concealed fastener panels such as a flush wall panel or a wave panel have become more popular recently as they offer a cleaner and more modern look. There are also significant price differences between the types of panels.


So, How Much Does Metal Siding Actually Cost?

Now that you understand the factors that can impact the price you’ll pay, you’re probably asking “OK, but how much will this actually cost?”

The most significant factor that will influence the price is whether you choose an exposed fastener panel or a concealed fastener panel. Concealed fastener panels will cost at least twice as much as an exposed fastener panel. They are also much more difficult to install.


How Much Does Exposed Fastener Metal Siding Cost?

⅞” Corrugated In Speckled Copper® and Streaked Rust®⅞” Corrugated In Speckled Copper® and Streaked Rust®

Exposed fastener panels have a fastener that will penetrate the panel and attach to the substrate. The screw head will remain visible. They are also known as corrugated metal siding and the most common types are: ⅞” Corrugated, R Panel/PBR Panel, and Western Rib/7.2 Panel.

We have broken down the cost ranges for exposed fastener panels by both gauge and paint system.


How Much Does Galvalume Or Galvanized Metal Siding Cost?

This type of metal siding is not painted. It’s a steel siding that simply has a galvanized or Galvalume® finish to protect against corrosion. It will be bright and shiny and is primarily used for commercial or agricultural applications.

  • 26 Gauge/Galvalume®: $1.50-$2.00 per square foot.
  • 24 Gauge/Galvalume®: $2.50-$3.00 per square foot.


How Much Does Painted Metal Siding Cost?

This is the most common type of metal siding that’s used for a residential home. It’s typically a steel siding that has a Galvalume® finish to protect against corrosion and then a paint finish is applied on top of the Galvalume® finish. This gives you two layers of protection against the elements.

  • Aluminum/PVDF Paint Finish: $3.50-$6.50 per square foot.


How Much Do Concealed Fastener Metal Siding Panels Cost?

Concealed fastener panels have a fastener that is hidden and cannot be seen on the exterior of the panel. These panels normally have a flatter surface and a sleeker appearance. They will look more modern than a corrugated metal siding panel. They are also known as flush wall panels or wave panels and the most common types are: T-Groove/Flushwall, Western Reveal/Flush Wall, Western Wave/Wave Panel.

Since flush wall panels rarely are available in a gauge lighter than 24, we have broken down the cost ranges for these panels by paint system. We have only listed 24 gauge, but quite often they will be available in a 22 gauge also if a thicker panel is necessary. This will add 10-25% vs 24 gauge.

  • Aluminum/PVDF Paint Finish: $3.50-$6.50 per square foot.
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How Much Do Metal Siding Accessories Cost

Let’s say you’re planning on doing your own installation. If so, you will have to buy the accessories needed to install your roof.

How Much Does Metal Siding Trim Cost?

Metal siding jobs don’t require that much trim. Most exposed fastener panel jobs will have base trim, head trim, jamb trim, inside corner, and outside corners.

  • Exposed Fastener Panels: $1.00-$3.0 per linear foot


  • Concealed Fastener Panels: $3.00-$5.00 per linear foot


The Cost Of Metal Siding Fasteners

The cost of fasteners are minimal. Metal siding jobs typically require 1 fastener per square foot. A 1500 sq ft wall would require about 1,500 screws and would cost $150-$225.

  • Fasteners Cost: $.10-$.15 cents each.


What Is The Installation Cost Of Metal Siding?

The national average cost to install metal siding is between $3 to $7 per square foot. Exposed fastener panels, such as corrugated metal, will cost less to install when compared to a concealed fastener panel.

Concealed fastener panels such as flush wall panels and wave panels will cost 50% or more to install than a typical corrugated metal roofing panel.

The installation price will increase further if your old siding needs to be removed prior to the new siding being installed since it requires more hours of labor.


Signs That Old Siding Should Be Removed Before Installing New Siding

  • Warping
  • Loose Siding
  • Rotting
  • Peeling paint/ wallpaper inside the home
  • Mold

If your existing siding is in good condition then it can be used as a substrate, or an underlying solid surface, and does not need to be removed.

However, if you observe any of the above signs on your siding, then it's a sign of prior water infiltration issues. This means that there has been leaking in the past that caused damage and removal of the old siding is best to inspect the wall cavity. Putting new siding over old damaged siding is just a band-aid that will not fix the underlying issue and will ultimately cause your new siding to fail prematurely.


Cost Of Removing Old Siding

Removing old siding will add roughly $1.00 per square foot to your labor costs.

We recommend working with a professional contractor that can evaluate the condition of your current siding and can give you recommendations on a course of action.

For more information on when it’s time for new siding, we recommend reading: 6 Telltale Signs Your Home Needs New Siding


Installing Metal Siding

You can save on labor costs by installing the siding yourself. If you go this route, you'll want to choose an exposed fastener panel as they have a much easier installation process.

Watch our video below for step-by-step instructions on how to install metal siding:

What Is The Total Cost Of Metal Siding Including Materials And Installation?

It’s difficult to give you an exact number on the total price of your metal siding installation. Every house is different and the price to install metal siding on your house will be different then someone else’s home. Pricing will vary based the size of the home, the difficulty of the installation, and the type of panel, gauge, and finish that you choose. To give you a rough estimate, here’s what you might expect:

  • Exposed Fastener Panels: $7-$12 per square foot
  • Concealed Fastener Panels: $10-$16 per square foot

Beyond Cost, What Else Should You Consider When Choosing Your Metal Siding?

Based on all the factors we went over in this article, you can understand why the pricing for metal siding is not one flat fee.

Before reaching out to metal siding manufacturers to receive a quote, you’ll want to make sure you have an idea of exactly which type of metal siding you are looking for.

To help narrow down the choices, consider the following questions:

Save Money On Your Metal Siding. Buy Directly From The Manufacturer

The numbers in this article should provide you with an estimate for the price of your new siding. You’ll find that you cannot get an exact price as each job is different.

The only way to know exactly what your project will cost is to speak with metal manufacturers and contractors and get a quote. If you don’t need guidance selecting the right materials for your siding, buying directly from manufacturers is the most affordable route. We’d love to speak with you and provide you with a free quote and a free metal sample.

Click here to request a free metal roofing sample in your favorite color!Get a Free Quote for Metal Roof or Metal Wall Panels Today! Click Here

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