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Roofing Underlayment: Sharkskin®

A high strength moisture protective covering system featuring a revolutionary line of roofing, building envelope, air/water vapor barrier products and energy saving solution. Sharkskin synthetic roofing underlayment
Good = Sharkskin Comp – Non Adhesive
Better = Sharkskin Ultra – Non Adhesive
Best = Sharkskin Ultra SA – Self Adhesive

Sharkskin Ultra SA®
SHARKSKIN ULTRA SA® is a “state of the art” high temp rated peel and stick roof underlayment developed in 2006. Self Adhesive. Sticks In The Cold – Down to 10˚F – Without Primer. 50 Year Warranty. 12 Months UV Resistance.
Sharkskin Ultra®
The original premium synthetic roof underlayment for asphalt, metal, slate and tile. Non Adhesive. 50 Year Warranty. 12 Months UV Resistance.
Sharkskin Comp®
Roof underlayment engineered for asphalt shingle and metal roof systems. Non Adhesive. 25 Year Warranty. Up To 6 Months UV Resistance.
Sharkskin Ultra Radiant®
SHARKSKIN ULTRA RADIANT® is a high-performance roof underlayment that also acts as a radiant barrier for all metal, slate, tile and shingle roof installations.
Sharkskin Ventilated Roof Mat®
SHARKSKIN VENTILATED ROOF MAT® used in conjunction with our Sharkskin Underlayment products helps to create a more complete roofing system to allow for proper air transfer and circulation.

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