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Synthetic Roof Underlayment


SHARKSKIN COMP® is a high-performance roof underlayment that is ideally suited for use with all fiberglass-based, asphalt and modified bitumen based composite roof shingles as well as for metal roof installations. SHARKSKIN COMP® was designed by roofing professionals to be easier to install and safer to work with compared to other roofing felt and underlayments.

Product Data

  • SKU: SS-COMPUL-48-250
  • Size: 48"
  • Length: 250 Lineal Feet
  • Squares Per Roll: 10
  • Weight Per Square in Pounds: 4
  • Weight Per Roll in Pounds: 40
  • Roofing Material: Asphalt Shingles, Metal
  • Warranty: Match shingle warranty, 30 years under metal
  • Exposure: 6 months
  • Installation: Regular roofing nails, corrosion resistant staples, plastic/metal round caps.
Code Approvals



Price Per Roll

1-2 Rolls: $178.95
3-6 Rolls: $168.00
7-14 Rolls: $166.00
15-35 Rolls: $163.00
36 Rolls (Pallet): $160.00

Pricing Subject To Change Without Notice
Does not include shipping charges


  • Shipping charges dependent upon the amount of rolls, weight, and location
  • Fill out the request a quote form and we can get you a delivered price
  • Avoid freight charges and pick up the material in these locations: Phoenix, AZ or Ontario, California

Frequently Asked Questions


Sharkskin Comp®, Sharkskin Ultra® and Sharkskin Ultra SA® are high temp rated roof underlayments. All are polypropylene construction which has a 320 degree F melting point. Sharkskin Ultra SA® has as 280 degree F synthetic butyl adhesive. There is Zero asphalt in any Sharkskin Roof Underlayment.


The Sharkskin Roof Underlayment line of premium roof underlayments, are the heaviest most abrasion resistant line in the market. Most synthetic nail down roof underlayments are 22-30lbs per 10 SQ roll. Sharkskin Comp® is a 40lb 10 SQ roll, Sharkskin Ultra 50lb and Sharkskin Ultra Radiant is 55lbs. Sharkskin Ultra SA adhesive is 100 % solids no filler(limestone) like asphalt based adhesives

The Sharkskin Roof Underlayment line has done more extensive UV and Weathering testing than any other polymeric roof underlayment line in the market. Sharkskin Comp is 6 month UV and Sharkskin Ultra, Ultra SA and Sharkskin Ultra Radiant are 12 month.

Sharkskin Ultra SA has better overall temperature resistance, that includes the polypropylene substrate as well as the adhesive. This is why products like Carlisle WIP, Grace Ice and Water, and Grace Ultra, which all have thin film layer surfaces, can’t handle high heat or extended UV.

In addition to high temperature, Sharkskin Ultra SA can be installed at 10 degrees F and rising. Sharkskin adheres to metal, concrete, OSB, Plywood, Dendeck, etc. without primer.

More About Sharkskin Comp


SHARKSKIN COMP® utilizes a unique patented multi-layer system to ensure long term protection of the roof by providing exceptional moisture protection and durability. In addition, every roll is warrantied to deliver the following to the jobsite:

  • High tensile strength- for durable secondary moisture protection
  • High traction non-slip surface- for excellent grip and safe walking. Always use caution and fall protective gear especially in wet weather and windy conditions.
  • Up to 6 months UV resistance
  • ICC-ES approved
  • Miami Dade and Florida Building Code approved
  • All temperature performance -40˚F to 280˚F
  • Light grey surface- cooler for installers and doesn’t expand or contract
  • Installs with Standard EG Roofing Nails and Hammer Tacker Staples - doesn’t require cap nails. Must be installed per manufacturers printed installation labels on each roll.
  • 25-year warranty


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Sharkskin Ultra SA®

SHARKSKIN ULTRA SA® is a “state of the art” high temp rated peel and stick roof underlayment developed in 2006. Self Adhesive. Sticks In The Cold – Down to 10˚F – Without Primer. 50 Year Warranty. 12 Months UV Resistance.

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