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Finishes | Problems | Bonderized Steel

By: Paul Rubio
March 2nd, 2020

Nowadays, the old and weathered look is in style and using Bonderized steel on a roof or wall accomplishes this trend perfectly. Bonderized steel is a popular choice, especially because the material is inexpensive and looks like an old, faded galvanized panel that has started to turn gray.

Blog Feature

Education | Homeowner Education | Bonderized Steel

By: Paul Rubio
February 28th, 2020

So, you want a roof or a wall panel that looks old and has a dull matte gray finish. You are looking for a product that is inexpensive and not as shiny as galvanized or galvalume. The pictures of Bonderized corrugated or standing seam roofing look beautiful. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Bonderized was NOT intended to be used as an unpainted and exposed roofing or siding panel.

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