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Metal That Looks Like Walnut Wood. Definition, Cost + Benefits.
Lauren Risotto

By: Lauren Risotto on June 3rd, 2020

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Metal That Looks Like Walnut Wood. Definition, Cost + Benefits.

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From fashion to furniture, everything eventually comes back in style. This simple concept is especially true for home decor using wood wall panels.

The panels that were once a fixture in nearly every home in the 1960’s and 70’s then became an outdated eyesore. Today, they have made a big comeback in modern design. These panels come in many different types of wood.

In this article, we're going to discuss authentic walnut wood and how an alternative to walnut wood could be a better fit for you to use for your next project.


What Is Walnut Wood?

Walnut wood is lumber that is known for its strength, rot resistance, and color. Walnut wood is the only dark-brown domestic wood species. It is a hardwood, meaning that the wood came from a dicot tree. 


What Does Walnut Wood Look Like?

Walnut wood is most known for it's deep-brown, coffee coloring. However, the natural color of walnut wood actually changes over time. The wood will lighten from exposure to the sun. Stains are often used on walnut wood, which will help keep the color darker. 


What Is Walnut Wood Used For?

Besides siding and wall panels, walnut wood can also be used for furniture, flooring, gunstock, and carvings.


Walnut Wood Cost 

Walnut wood panels are generally between $8-$11 per square foot.

Disclaimer: Pricing is up to date as of 1/11/2023 and is subject to change. Please consult with your salesperson for the most update pricing before making a decision to purchase as the price of steel is calculated using current market values at the time of purchase.

Why Is Walnut Wood So Expensive?

The price of wood depends on supply and demand. Walnut wood is so popular for its beautiful dark hue. The trees used for Black Walnut lumber take a minimum of 35 years to grow before they are ready to be cut. This often results in a short supply compared to the increasing demand for walnut wood.


Problems With Wood Siding

Besides being an expensive material, wood siding panels have other disadvantages including:

Walnut Wood Alternative

If you have been considering getting in on the walnut wood panel trend, you have probably come to find out:

  • Wood can be expensive
  • Wood requires maintenance
  • Wood can lead to some big (and costly) problems

At Western States Metal Roofing, we offer an alternative solution that can solve many of the potential problems that come with wood panels.

T-8 Plankwall® is a metal panel that is painted to replicate the look of an authentic Walnut Wood panel.

Wood Look Metal Panels

T-8 Plankwall® Walnut Wood is designed to look like real walnut wood in a natural dark brown finish. It's a versatile panel that can be used in either a traditional or modern design.

The Walnut Wood panel comes in the Cool Tech® 500 PVDF finish. The panels have a width of 8”, the same as real wood planks, and lengths that vary from 1' to 45'.


Walnut Wood Alternative Cost

T-8 Plankwall® costs between $8 to $11 per square foot. 

Metal Board & Batten costs between $6 to $9 per square foot.

This is a cost saving alternative compared to authentic walnut wood.

Benefits Of T-8 Plankwall® Walnut Wood

  1. Maintenance-free
  2. Rot-resistant
  3. Fire-resistant
  4. No wood warping
  5. No termites
  6. Less expensive than using authentic wood
  7. Includes 40-year limited painted warranty
  8. T-8 Plankwall® arrives ready (no cutting, staining, or painting required)
  9. Authentic Appearance

Using T-8 Plankwall® Walnut Wood gives you the appearance of walnut wood while also getting the benefits of metal.

1. No Maintenance Required

There is no necessary upkeep for T-8 Plankwall®. However, routine inspections should be performed to keep a small problem from turning into a larger problem.

2. Metal Panels Are Rot-Resistant

Metal will not rot and is weather- resistant.

3. Metal Panels Are Fire-Resistant

Like all metal panels, T-8 Plankwall® is a non-combustible, fire-resistant material.

4. No Wood Warping

Wood warping, or wood changing shape unevenly as a result of moisture, is not only visually unappealing but can also be dangerous. Using metal eliminates this risk.

5. Metal Panels Cannot Be Infested With Termites

Termite damage can be costly and complicated to fix. They feed on any substance that is composed of cellulose, an ingredient that is found in wood. Not using traditional wood avoids any issues with termites, as they cannot penetrate through metal.

6. Metal Is Cost-Effective When Compared To Authentic Wood

When you take labor, material, and maintenance costs of wood into account, metal is a more cost-effective material compared to wood.

7. Metal Panel Paint Warranty

Painted panels come with a 40-year limited paint warranty.


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8. Metal Panels Arrive Ready To Install

Unlike real wood, T-8 Plankwall® arrives ready without any preparation required before installation. This means that no cutting, painting, or staining is needed.

9. Metal Is Designed To Have An Authentic Wood Appearance

Walnut Wood has been painted to represent the character that exists in real wood. In order to prevent a repetitive and unrealistic aesthetic, the panels feature four different patterns. During installation you will mix and match pattern A-D. The diversity in the patterns makes T8 PlankWall® look like an authentic dark walnut.


Walnut wood patterns

The Four Different Patterns In Walnut Wood Panels


What Can I Use Walnut Wood Metal Panels For?

  • Interior Accent Wall
  • Exterior Siding
  • Soffit
  • Interior Ceiling
  • Interior Wall Panels

There are different ways Walnut Wood metal panels can be used. This metal panel is made for interior and exterior applications and can be used either vertically or horizontally.


T-8 Plankwall® Walnut Wood Installation

Walnut Wood panels are easy to install for vertical or horizontal use with concealed fasteners for wall, soffit, and fascia.

As with any metal panel installation, the type of fasteners needed will vary depending on the type and thickness of the substrate. We recommend the use of butyl tape mastic, butyl sealants and curing sealants to ensure weathertight installation.


Metal Board and Batten in Walnut Wood

Metal board and batten siding panels offer a modern and durable exterior cladding solution for residential and commercial buildings. With a dark walnut wood finish, this siding style delivers a traditional aesthetic without the drawbacks of wood siding. 

While both metal siding and wood siding have their own advantages and charm, the choice between them ultimately depends on your style preference, maintenance considerations, and budget. Although, architects and homeowners alike can gratify in both the added character of the walnut finish and modern resilience of a metal panel. 

Benefits Of Metal Board and Batten

Metal board and batten offer numerous benefits that are similar to T-8 Plankwall®, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings. The benefits include:

  • No Maintenance - No need to stain, paint, or seal
  • Limited 40 year paint warranty
  • Fire resistant
  • Termite and pest resistant
  • Cost about the same as wood
  • Easier installation in comparison to wood board and batten siding

Want to learn more? Check out our Metal Board and Batten panels in Walnut Wood


Is T-8 Plankwall® or Metal Board & Batten in Walnut Wood Right For My Project?

When looking to incorporate a walnut wood look into your interior or exterior design without having to do any labor or maintenance to materials, either T-8 Plankwall® or Metal Board and Batten in Walnut Wood would be a great solution.

Continue on to learn more about T-8 Plankwall® in Walnut Wood as well as Metal Board and Batten in Walnut Wood, including product specifications and installation information.



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