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What Are Fiberglass Roof Panels? Types, Benefits And Cost
Lauren Risotto

By: Lauren Risotto on February 23rd, 2022

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What Are Fiberglass Roof Panels? Types, Benefits And Cost

When you’re looking to add more light into a space, fiberglass roof panels are an efficient and low cost material solution.

In addition to manufacturing metal roofing and siding panels, Western States Metal Roofing also offers fiberglass roof panels which can be used on homes, industrial buildings, barns, porches, green houses and more. 

In this article, we discuss the types of fiberglass roofing panels as well as the benefits and cost.


What Is A Fiberglass Roof Panel?

A fiberglass roof panel, also known as a skylight roofing panel, is a thin, lightweight, translucent panel that is installed on a roof primarily to allow more light into the structure. 

Fiberglass roof panels, or FRP, are made of strong polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass. The fiberglass in the panels makes them more durable compared to other plastic roofing panels options like PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or polycarbonate panels. Heavy duty fiberglass roof panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are corrosion resistant , low maintenance, and easy to install.

Types Of Corrugated Fiberglass Roof Panels

A fiberglass corrugated panel is a fiberglass sheet that has been shaped to have waves or ridges. In addition to flat fiberglass panels, fiberglass roof panels are available in corrugated panel profiles including: 


  • ⅞” Corrugated
  • ½” Corrugated
  • R Panel
  • 7.2 Panel
  • AG Panel

Benefits Of FRP Panels

  • Better Indoor Lighting
  • Absorbs Heat
  • More Durable Than Other Plastic Roof Panels
  • Suitable For Highly Corrosive Environments

FRP Panels Provide Better Indoor Lighting

Fiberglass panels are translucent and allow natural light in to increase the brightness inside a structure. In addition to brightening up a space, frp panels limit the need for artificial lighting and can help save on energy costs.

FRP Panels Absorb Heat

Fiberglass roof panels tend to absorb more heat which is beneficial in colder climates as it will help regulate the temperature. This can also bring energy savings by reducing the need to run a heating system.

More Durable Than Other Plastic Roof Panels

FRP panels can withstand a much wider temperature range compared to other plastic roof panels, such as PVC,  without warping, cracking, or excessive expansion and contraction.

Fiberglass Panels Are Suitable For Highly Corrosive Environments

Fiberglass panels are corrosion resistant and compatible with coastal marine environments. Unlike steel roof panels, fiberglass roof panels will not rust when exposed to saltwater in the air.


Fiberglass Roof Panel Considerations

  • Fiberglass panels cannot be walked on
  • Fiberglass panels must be installed over open frame
  • Fiberglass panels will yellow overtime
  • Fiberglass panels are not available in many colors


Fiberglass Panels Cannot Be Walked On

Unlike metal panels, fiberglass panels cannot be walked on. The panel cannot handle the excessive weight and will break. 

Fiberglass Roof Panels Must Be Installed Over An Open Frame

Since the main point of fiberglass panels is to increase light, they must be installed over an open frame and not a wood substrate so that the light can shine through. 

Fiberglass Panels Will Yellow Overtime

It is normal for fiberglass roof panels to experience a slight color shift overtime. The panels will develop a yellow hue, which is common with any type of plastic, from exposure to UV rays. 


Fiberglass Roof Panels Come In Limited Colors

When it comes to design, take into consideration that fiberglass roof panels are generally only available in white or clear. 


Fiberglass Roof Panel Cost

Fiberglass roof panels cost $2.00 to $3.00 per square foot.


Where To Buy Fiberglass Roof Panels

  • Metal Roof Manufacturer
  • Home Depot Or Other Home Improvement Store

Fiberglass Panels From A Metal Roof Manufacturer

The ideal place to order your fiberglass panels from is from your metal roofing manufacturer. This is the best way to ensure that the color of your fiberglass panels matches the rest of your roof as colors vary depending on the manufacturer.


Fiberglass Roof Panels Home Depot

Big box home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes carry fiberglass roof panels. However, keep in mind you are limited to what they have in stock. These panels are also more likely to be a PVC fiberglass panel.


Order Your Fiberglass Roof Panels Today

Fiberglass panels are a low cost and efficient way to let the light into your next roofing project.

At Western States Metal Roofing, we carry 8 oz. white fiberglass roof panels in ⅞” corrugated, R Panel, and 7.2 Panel.

To get started on your project, request a free quote for fiberglass roof panels today.

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