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Galvalume Metal Roofing

Galvalume roofing is the least expensive metal panel, but it's often too shiny for residential applications. Unpainted galvalume is normally used for commercial and agricultural applications. Buy metal roofing panels directly from the manufacturer and save.

What Is Galvalume Metal Roofing?

Galvalume metal roof and siding panels have a coating of zinc, aluminum, and steel which gives it superior corrosion resistance and longevity compared to galvanized steel. Galvalume features superior performance benefits including corrosion resistance, self healing properties that will stop rust from spreading, and less shine versus galvanized steel. Galvalume coatings are now the most prevalent corrosion resistant coating. Galvanized is rarely used on steel panels unless it's an agricultural application.

Galvalume Metal Roofing Price

How Much Does Galvalume Metal Roofing Cost?

Corrugated metal panels in a galvalume finish will cost $1.50- $2.50 per square foot depending upon the gauge of the steel, size of the job, and current steel market conditions. Galvanized metal and galvalume steel are about the same price.

Galvalume Steel Vs. Painted Metal Roofing

Galvalume roof panels are more affordable than painted metal roofing. In fact, 26 gauge Galvalume roofing will cost about half the price of 24 gauge steel with a PVDF paint system and about 25% less than a 26 gauge SMP painted metal roofing panel.

Galvalume Metal Roofing And Siding Panels

7/8" Corrugated

7/8" corrugated galvalume roof panels have deep wavy corrugations that look stunning on your metal roof. Structurally strong, incredibly impact resistant. Made to your specific sizes.

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PBR/R Panel

R-Panel is the nicest galvalume roof panel for the least amount of money. Ideal for pre-engineered metal, post-frame, and agricultural buildings. Made to your specific sizes.

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Western Rib® (7.2 Panel)

Ribbed 7.2” exposed fastener panels offer wider coverage and it's trapezoidal design provides superior load and span capacities. Made to your specific sizes.

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Standing Seam Galvalume Metal Roofing

Standing seam is the most weather-tight and expensive metal roofing system. Standing seam galvalume metal roofing will be made to your specific sizes.

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T-Groove® - Metal Wall Panel

Galvalume metal wall panels are available with concealed fasteners which improve weather resistance and provide a streamlined appearance. Made to your specific sizes.

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Western Reveal®

Mix and match different reveals, face sizes, and widths. Modern design with 1", 2" or 3" reveals. Horizontal or vertical installation.

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Western Wave® Galvalume Metal Siding Panels

This remarkable rigid wall panel with concealed fasteners offers a distinctive look with bold shadow effects that emphasize the steel panels unique rib profile. Installed vertically or horizontally.

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