Introducing E-Samples®
For T-8 PlankWall®

Western States Metal Roofing is pleased to offer architects and roofing contractors a better way to view and send metal panel samples for inspection and approval. See your favorite painted metal panels in greater detail with our new e-sample viewer beginning with our popular T-8 PlankWall® wood panel series.

What Are E-Samples®?

How To Use The E-Sample® Viewer

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Virtual Product Samples For Metal Siding Panels

Discover The Beauty of T-8 PlankWall® Metal Siding
In More Detail With Our New E-Samples® Viewer

Product photos have always been an important factor when deciding which material to use in construction. However, ordinary photos rarely offer enough detail to make an immediate decision, often resulting in the need for a physical sample. At Western States Metal Roofing you can now find an exact digital presentation of surface materials in the greatest detail using our E-Samples® viewer. Dynamic light interaction and multiple zoom levels gives you a closer look at the print on the panel so that you can admire the details, texture and quality behind our wood panels.


Frequently Asked Questions About E-Samples®

Learn more about E-Samples® and discover where to find them on our website, how to use the viewer, and why a virtual sample is better than a regular photo and is faster than waiting for a traditional metal sample to be delivered.

What Are E-Samples®?

E-Samples® are an exact digital reproduction of a physical product sample that has been processed meticulously using cutting-edge interactive 3D visualization technologies that bring a higher level of realism that can only be seen using our e-viewer.

Each sample was processed individually at the highest possible resolution (up to 8k) so that you can see even the smallest details that take you far beyond the depth of a regular photo. With an easy-to-use high definition zoom function, you’re able to explore every inch of our metal panels with precise detail so that you can admire the texture and quality of the product you will be installing without having to wait for a real sample to be mailed and delivered.

Dynamic light interaction allows you to see how your panel will reflect at various angles when under natural lighting conditions. They’re fast and easy-to-use. Just email yourself and every person on your project direct from our website by clicking on the mail icon found on the top right hand corner of the e-viewer. Additionally, you can expand your selection by switching to full screen mode right in your web browser.

So stop wasting your time filling out forms to request a sample. Simply use our E-Samples® tool and help save a tree on packaging materials used for shipping. Plus, by using this web based tool, you can also help us continue our commitment to being green and lowering our carbon footprint.

How Do I Request An E-Sample®?

What If I Still Want A Physical Sample?

Are E-Samples® Available For All Your Colors?

Why Use Online E-Samples?

T-8 Plankwall®


T-8 PlankWall® is a painted metal that offers architects and designers an alternative to real wood. Get the look of wood with all the benefits of metal!