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Butyl/Sealant Tape

Use sealant tape at the panel laps for metal roofs to increase weather tightness. Order yours today.

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Mastic Tape Made of Self-Fusing Butyl Rubber

What is Butyl Tape Sealant?

Butyl tape is an example of a synthetic rubber adhesive. It’s a solvent-based adhesive that is formulated in the lab instead of coming from a rubber tree. All types of rubber adhesive are thermoplastic, so exposure to high heat will soften the adhesive and impact its effectiveness. However, butyl adhesives are formulated to be less sensitive to temperature variations. They stay more flexible in cold weather and more stable in high temperatures than natural rubber adhesives. Because butyl tapes are extremely durable, with have good flex properties, they are often used in applications where an airtight bond is required. In fact, most butyl tapes also come with a liner since the adhesive system is aggressive and forms a permanent bond to the surface it sticks to – even if that surface is itself!

Product Info

Butyl/Sealant Tape designed for side and end lap sealing of metal panels, roof vents and pipe flashing, Butyl/Sealant tape provides optimum sealing in harsh environments and adheres to most clean dry metal surfaces and does not harden, bleed or stain.

  • 45 foot rolls
  • Superior adhesion
  • Extruded on silicone coated paper for easy application
  • Withstands extreme roof temperatures
  • Seal not affected by normal movement of building



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Frequently Asked Questions

At Western States Metal Roofing, we're often asked a number of questions related to butyl tape. Below are the most common. Click on the plus symbol next to the question to open the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Does butyl tape harden?

A good quality Butyl tape will not harden. The beauty of this product is that it never gets hard.

Is butyl tape a sealant or an adhesive?

Can you use butyl tape for metal roofing?

What is the difference between butyl tape and silicon?

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