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What Are 3D Smart Textures? How They Can Help You Choose The Right Metal Roof
Lauren Risotto

By: Lauren Risotto on April 12th, 2023

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What Are 3D Smart Textures? How They Can Help You Choose The Right Metal Roof


Choosing the right material for your project can be an overwhelming decision, and there are plenty of resources out there to help make the decision process easier. 

At Western States Metal Roofing, we encourage our customers to review color charts and samples as they narrow down the right panel for their metal roofing and siding projects. Now, there is an additional resource that WSMR offers to make the decision process smoother for architects, contractors, and homeowners. 

In this article, we discuss metal roofing smart textures and how this technology can assist with choosing the right metal roofing product.

What Are Smart Textures?

Smart textures give architects, designers, and customers a more accurate depiction of a product’s texture than ever before. This technology allows architects to incorporate real products into their 3D renderings. The results are photorealistic images that show the user more accurately how a product will look compared to a standard image. 

Smart textures have multiple features to make the user have a better grasp of a product’s texture. The designs feature up to 8K resolution for clear imaging. You can also see them in different lighting conditions (morning, afternoon, and evening) to show how they look at different points throughout the day. In addition, you can see the material from different viewpoints to study the edges and grooves from various perspectives. 

Smart textures can be used for other materials besides metal such as brick, wood, and concrete. Below is an example of a Smart Textures 3D rendering of stone siding. 


How Can Smart Textures Help You Choose The Right Metal Roof?

A metal roof is a large investment and the more accurate idea you can have of how it will look, the better. While color samples are a good start, choosing the right metal roof goes beyond color. Each metal panel has a unique profile, with ridges, lines, and flat surfaces. Some are matte while others are glossy. All of these features have a unique texture that combine to create a metal roof’s overall appearance. 

Smart textures captures the optical properties of a product in detail. Having a better understanding of a product’s texture will allow you to make a more informed decision regarding which product is right for your project.


E-Samples vs Smart Textures

An e-sample, or digital sample, offers 3D imaging and gives a better representation of a product’s texture compared to a regular photo by being able to look from different viewpoints. While Smart Textures from Lightbeans is a type of e-sample, it is more convenient as it is compatible with architect’s 3D rendering software to give a more customized look of a project. 

Without a product like Smart Textures, architects will spend hours trying to recreate 3D renderings that generally turn out pixelated and less accurate. Smart textures solves this problem and offers convenience for industry experts.


Where To Find Smart Textures For Metal Roofing

WSMR currently offers Smart Textures for its T-8 PlankWall® metal panels in Distressed Wood®, Walnut Wood®, and Burnt Wood® and can be found on their respective product pages located on our website. Lightbeans metal siding texture sample


A tool like Smart Textures is especially useful for a unique product like T-8 PlankWall® as it is one material mimicking another type of material. While T-8 PlankWall® is a metal panel, it gives off the appearance of wood. 

Choosing The Right Metal Panel For Your Project

We understand there is a lot to consider and want to help make the decision making process for your material easier. In addition to Smart Textures, Western States Metal Roofing also offers free product samples, and a free color visualizer on our website.

We have a knowledgeable sales team that will answer any questions you have about our products. Get started on your project today by requesting a free quote.

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