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Metal Roofing Co. Goes Green: New eSamples & Smart Textures
Lauren Risotto

By: Lauren Risotto on February 27th, 2023

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Metal Roofing Co. Goes Green: New eSamples & Smart Textures

Press Release | Trade Show

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Lauren Risotto, Public Relations 

Western States Metal Roofing Goes Green With
New eSample™ & Smart Texture Website Integration


New Integrated E-Tools Developed To Help Minimize The Need For Physical Samples Using Photorealistic Technology by LightBeans® Made Available On Popular Metal Roofing Manufacturer Website

Phoenix, AZ (February 14, 2023): Western States Metal Roofing, a leading manufacturer of metal roof and wall panels in designer paint prints, continues its commitment to being green with two new integrated website features that will reduce the need for mailing physical samples. The company’s new eSamples™ and Smart Textures tools will be introduced to architects and contractors during the International Roofing Expo in Dallas, TX, March 7-9 at the Ken Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (Booth #8312) and entered into consideration for the Most Sustainable Exhibitor award. 

E-Samples™ by LightBeans®

Product photos have always been an important factor when deciding which material to use in construction. However, they rarely offer enough detail to make an immediate decision, often resulting in the need for a physical sample. At Western States Metal Roofing, users to the manufacturer’s website can now find an exact digital presentation of surface materials using their eSamples™ viewer on select products in great detail. In addition to providing dynamic light interaction, the eSamples™ viewer offers multiple zoom levels so your clients can admire the details, texture and quality of your products.

“Packaging materials have always been a concern at Western States Metal Roofing,” says Paul Rubio, Vice President at Western States Metal Roofing, “Not only because of the cost associated with shipping a sample, but the impact to the environment the sample and packaging makes when discarded. When you think about the amount of trash that goes into landfills each year, we wanted to do our part in reducing waste by implementing eSamples™ into our website.”

To complement the new eSamples™ offering, Western States Metal Roofing went a step further and also added Smart Textures for 3D renderings using LightBeans™ technology. Smart Textures allows architects and designers to incorporate real products into their renderings. 


Smart Textures by LightBeans®

Lightbeans® textures eliminate the need to reproduce the texture from the company’s materials and adapt to different lighting conditions (morning, afternoon, evening) while offering multiple viewpoints, just like real materials, all up to an 8K resolution.

Additionally, Smart Textures are compatible with the industry’s leading design visualization software such as AUTODESK 3DS MAX®, AUTODESK MAYA, SketchUp®, and works with many other 3D applications, CAD, AR and VR Software, real-time and ray tracing renderings.

To experience what’s new at Western States Metal Roofing and to join in on the fun at the International Roofing Expo this year in Dallas, TX. The company has set up a page on their website to give you updates about what to expect and provide you with more information on how you can plan and be a guest of theirs at this year’s roofing show. The company’s trade show information can be found online at


western-states-metal-roofing-dropshadowAbout Western States Metal Roofing: Western States Metal Roofing is an independent, family-owned, leading manufacturer in painted metal roofing products that look old and weathered. We are the only manufacturer of roll-formed panels to offer a special selection of designer paint prints you won’t be able to buy anywhere else. In addition to our specialty paint prints, we also offer our metal roof and metal wall panels in over 100 standard PVDF and SMP colors. Our entire line of panels can also be purchased in a variety of additional finishes and unfinished material choices such as Corten®, copper, and aluminum.  For more details on Western States Metal Roofing and its metal roofing and metal wall products, please visit


international-roofing-expo-logoAbout the International Roofing Expo: The International Roofing Expo (IRE) is the largest roofing and exterior event in North America. Each year residential and commercial professionals come together to meet suppliers, discover new products, network with the global industry and improve how they run their businesses. To learn more about the IRE, please visit






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