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Downspout FOR WESTERN RIB® (7.2 PANEL)

Straight Downspout - Part #WS-326

A downspout is a roof drain pipe that’s intended to divert water from the gutter to the ground level. Downspouts are installed vertically and are connected with an outlet that penetrates the gutter and attaches to the downspout. The purpose of the downspout is to control where the water from your roof drains so that you don’t damage the foundation of your home.


This parts list is designed to help you calculate the quantity of accessories that you’ll need for your trim installation. It has all of the accessories that are needed to install 1 full piece of trim, which is 120" long. To calculate the total number of accessories you will need for your job, simply take the number of trim pieces associated with the trim part purchased and multiply the list by that number for a total for your project.


  • 1 Piece Straight Downspout - WS-326
    There is not a kick out on the bottom. If you want a kick out then use part # WS-327
  • 1 Piece Downspout Outlet- WS-375
  • 2 Pieces Downspout Elbows - WS-343
    Need Degree Of Bend: 45, 90, Custom
  • 3 Pieces Downspout Strap - WS-342
  • 6 Lap Screws (Metal to Metal) With Sealant Washer
  • 30 Rivets
  • 1/4 Tube Silicone Sealant
How To Install Downspout

Downspout Installation Video

Step by step downspout installation instructions that include elbows, downspout strap, and fastening. This video covers an exposed fastener metal roofing panel.

Additional Gutter And Downspout Installation Videos


Downspout Outlet/Dropout Installation

Step by step installation instructions that show you how to attach downspout drop outlet to a gutter system.

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How To Change The Angle Of A Downspout Elbow.

Did you order downspout elbows and realize they were bent to the wrong angle? In this video we will show you how to adjust the angle of your downspout elbow.

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Pre-Hung Gutter Installation

Step by step installation instructions for a pre-hung box gutter. The pre-hung box gutter will eliminate the need for an eave flashing and is installed prior to the metal roofing panels.

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Post-Hung Gutter Installation

Are you installing gutters on a metal roof after the roof is already installed? Post hung box gutters are a good solution for adding gutters to a metal roof.

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