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Natural Matte®: Carbon

Sleek and ageless, rich blacks form the cornerstone of modern building design. The unwanted shine of some finishes can contrast with the depth of black to create incongruent design elements.

The delicate light interaction of Natural Matte, in concert with the depth of the Carbon, creates a commanding deep black in all lighting environments-eliminating unwanted shine and glare.

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Carbon is officially approved and listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

Looking For More Traditional Matte Color Options?

Steelscape® Natural Matte®

Carbon - An Unprecedented, Rich Black

Carbon enhances the perceived depth of metal roof and metal wall surfaces. Developed to complement minimalist color palettes, single-color designs, or stark exterior contrasts-this ultimate low-gloss finish is perfect for residential or commercial metal roof or siding projects.

SMP Paint Finish in 24 Gauge

  • SRI: 25
  • LRV: 5
  • GLOSS: 0.9
  • SHEEN: 3.8

Natural Matte® uses light-disruptive paint technology to create the new benchmark for refined matte metal finishes. Exclusive to Steelscape0174, Natural Matte eliminates unwanted shine and glare without sacrificing color depth or finish durability. Designed for roofing, siding, or other exterior accent pieces, Natural Matte offers design flexibility like never before.

Natural Matte offers gloss and sheen values at groundbreaking low levels, without sacrificing color depth.

Available panel profiles

A Carbon Black Natural Matte Finish For Metal Roof & Wall Panels

Ideal for either roofing or siding. Best paired with flush and flat product forms such as smooth wall siding or wide-pan standing seam to capture complete attention.

Steelscape's Natural Matte colors are now available in all of Western States Metal Roofing's most popular panel profiles. To get a quote, please click here.

Carbon - Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roofing is the most common metal roofing. The fasteners are concealed for both weather tightness and stream lined appearance. Made to your specific sizes.

Carbon - 7/8" Corrugated

7/8" corrugated metal roofing has deep wavy corrugations that look stunning on your metal roof. Structurally strong, incredibly impact resistant.

Carbon - PBR Panel

Exposed fastener roofing/siding panel that looks fairly similar to standing seam when viewed from ground to roof. Substantial cost savings when using PBR vs standing seam. In addition, it looks great as a metal siding.

Carbon - Western Rib® (7.2 Panel)

Ribbed 7.2” exposed fastener panels offers wider coverage and it's trapezoidal design provides superior load and span capacities. Western Rib can be used as a metal roofing or siding/wall panel.

Carbon - T-Groove® Wall Panel

1" Deep Flush Panels for use in wall, fascia and soffit applications. Rounded interlocking leg and concealed fasteners improve appearance and strength. Made to your specific sizes.

Carbon - Western Reveal® Panel

Mix and match different reveals, face sizes, and widths.
Modern design with 1", 2" or 3" reveals.
Horizontal or Vertical Installation.

Carbon - Western Wave® WAV Panels

This remarkable rigid wall panel with concealed fasteners offers a distinctive look with bold shadow effects that emphasize the panels unique rib profile. Horizontal or Vertical Installation.

Carbon - Narrow Groove® Wall Panels

These metal siding panels are perfect when you want a flush wall panel that's less than 12-in wide. Narrow Groove® is available in 8-in & 10-in widths.

Ultra Low Gloss Metal Roofing and Siding Colors

See The Natural Matte® Difference Yourself

Matte surfaces are all around us, from rugged coastal cliffs, to ancient volcanic mountains. These natural materials complement and enhance their surroundings through their balanced interaction with light. Capturing the diffuse light interaction of organic surfaces, Natural Matte® encompasses a range of six refined exterior finishes for metal roofing and siding.