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Manufacturer of metal roofing panels that's located in the Spokane Valley Area in Washington. More than 110 metal roof colors to choose from. Buy directly from the manufacturer and save.


Metal Roofing Washington

Spokane Valley, Washington Location:

Western States Metal Roofing
3610 N. Barker Rd. Suite C, 
Spokane Valley, WA 99027
(509) 418-2833

Don't let our location discourage you if you're not located near our Spokane Valley, Washington facility. We can deliver inexpensively throughout the great state of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and all of the surrounding states.

Types Of Metal Roofing Panels

Metal roofs in Washington are becoming more popular each year due to their longevity, hail resistance, durability, long term savings, and the unmatched aesthetic that metal roofs provide. Each type of metal roof panel has it's own set of pros and cons. As you explore the different types of metal roof profiles, we have articles and videos that will make choosing the correct commercial roofing or residential roofing panel much simpler.


Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Concealed Fastener

Standing seam metal roof panels are the highest quality metal roofing material that you can buy. Every component of this system is designed to be a "Lifetime" roof which means that when it's installed correctly it can last 40 to 60 plus years.

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7/8" Corrugated Metal Roofing

Exposed Fastener

This classic metal roofing panel has wavy "S" shaped corrugations. It's affordable, attractive, and easy to install. 7/8" Corrugated will look amazing on your house or commercial building.

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PBR Roofing Panel

Exposed Fastener

If you want the best overall value then PBR roofing panels are right for you. They're strong, durable, and have a modern appearance. All of the benefits of metal roofing, but without the price tag.

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Western Rib® (7.2 Panel)

Exposed Fastener

This is our strongest panel. It's an excellent choice if you have panels that have to span from support to support. It's capable of spanning greater distances and carrying a heavier load. It's perfect for jobs that have metal purlins.

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