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Freight Cost For Metal Roofing Panels: Why Is The Price For Shipping Going Up?
Lauren Risotto

By: Lauren Risotto on May 26th, 2021

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Freight Cost For Metal Roofing Panels: Why Is The Price For Shipping Going Up?

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If you’ve recently gotten a quote for metal panels, we’re sure you noticed it was more than usual. This is because the price of steel is at an all time high and continues to climb. However, we’re sure you’ve also noticed that the cost of the material is not the only part of the quote that has increased. Freight charges have gone up significantly in 2021.

At Western States Metal Roofing, we ship our metal products all across the United States and Canada. We produce a high volume of quotes daily and are frequently asked about why freight charges have recently gone up.

We understand and share in your frustrations regarding the increased cost. Therefore, we decided to write this article to best explain why the cost to ship metal roofing and siding has increased over the past several months.

Metal Roofing Freight Cost


Why Is The Price Of Freight Going Up In 2021?

There are multiple factors contributing to the increase in freight charges including:

  • Truck driver shortages
  • Increased amount of freight
  • Increased gas prices
  • Weather issues
  • Gas shortages
  • Increased pricing on packaging materials

We discuss some of the ongoing factors in more detail below.


National Truck Driver Shortage Affecting Freight Cost

There is a national shortage of truck drivers that is affecting both freight cost and delivery times. With fewer drivers available to make deliveries, it puts truck drivers high in demand which naturally drives up the delivery cost.

There Is An Increase In Freight Volume

There has been a spike in freight volume throughout the country. The DAT Freight Index, a monthly freight volume indicator, showed a 4.3% increase in shipments from March 2021 compared to February 2021. A strong freight demand coupled with less drivers means there is more competition to secure a truck for delivery which ultimately drives up the price of freight.

Increased Gas Prices Cause Metal Roofing Freight Prices To Increase

No matter where you are in the country, we’re sure you’ve noticed you’re spending more at the pump as gas prices have increased nationally. Since transportation costs are higher, it costs more to get your order delivered to you.

The Prices Of Packaging Materials For Metal Roofing Have Increased

Recent price increases go far beyond freight and steel. The cost of all construction materials has recently gone up, which also affects the cost of shipping metal roofing. 

It takes a lot of wood to ship metal roofing. Standing seam and flush wall panels must be protected on all sides. In addition, other panels require dunnage and pallets in order to protect metal panels from damage during transport. Since the price of wood has increased by more than 300% due to a lumber shortage, this ultimately affects our cost to ship as well.


How Much Are Freight Charges For Metal Roofing Being Increased?

Freight charges have gone up roughly 25-35% since the beginning of 2021. The price increases are a reflection of the components mentioned above. If critical factors to freight change, such as the price of gas dropping, it may also cause freight charges to come down slightly as well.


How Are Freight Times Being Affected?

We are noticing an increase of an additional 3-7 days per order to locate and secure a truck.


Request Your Metal Roofing Shipping Quote

There are several variables, such as order size and delivery location, that go into the cost of a shipping quote. Each quote is different and some orders will be more affected by the factors discussed in this article than others. The only way to know what your specific freight charge will be is by requesting a quote.

Western States Metal Roofing sends your shipping quote at the same time as your materials quote. If you’re ready to proceed with receiving quotes for your metal roofing or siding panels, request a free quote from Western States Metal Roofing.

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