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How To Install Endwall Flashing For A Metal Roof. Step By Step Guide
Paul Rubio

By: Paul Rubio on September 7th, 2020

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How To Install Endwall Flashing For A Metal Roof. Step By Step Guide

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When planning your metal roofing project, if you have metal roofing panels that are running up into a wall, you’re going to need to install endwall to help control where water flows to protect your structure. Before we begin here is a list of the steps that need to be taken.

  • Install sidewall trim prior to the installation of the endwall flashing
  • Cut and finish the endwall flashing at the sidewall trim
  • Foam closure installation
  • Overlap endwall trim
  • Fasten the endwall flashing


At Western States Metal Roofing, our goal is to make the installation of your metal roofing panels easy and stress-free. This installation article will help guide you step by step through installing your endwall trim. To help you visualize this process, please check out our endwall flashing installation detail and the endwall trim installation video to help you even further.

Below, we will walk you through each step of how to install your endwall flashing for your metal roofing project.

To begin, please note that if your roof has a sidewall condition, all sidewall trim must be installed prior to fastening the endwall.


How To Cut And Finish Endwall Trim At The Sidewall


  1. Measure the width of your sidewall trim.
  2. On the endwall, mark the width of sidewall and draw a line to the corner of trim.
  3. With metal cutting snips, cut along the traced line.


how to install endwall flashing for a metal roof

HELPFUL HINT: When using metal cutting snips, don’t close all the way down when you make your cut. This will make the cut choppy and uneven. Instead, leave ¼” of snips open and slide inwards for a smoother cut.


How To Install Foam Closures For Endwall Flashing

  1. Prior to fastening your endwall, double sided butyl tape should be placed 1” from the edge of the endwall.
  2. Place the foam closure strips on top of the butyl tape 1” from the edge of the endwall trim
  3. Apply silicone sealant to the top of the foam closures.
  4. Next, apply silicone sealant on top of the sidewall where the endwall trim meets.


How To Overlap Endwall Flashing

Before you begin this part, make sure your overlaps are a minimum of 6”.

  1. Mark your trim on the hem side 6” from the end and ⅛” up from the hem.
  2. With metal cutting snips, notch out the hem of the endwall by cutting along the traced line.
  3. On the adjacent piece, pry open the hem of the endwall by 6” to allow it to slide into the notched piece.
  4. Place silicone sealant at all overlaps.
  5. The top section should slide inwards onto the lower section of notched endwall.


How To Fasten Endwall Flashing

  1. Pancake screws should be used to fasten the top section of endwall 1” from the edge and 12” on center
  2. Lapscrews should be used on the lower section of endwall 1” from edge following the path of the foam closures. Screws should fall on the high seams of your metal roofing panels approximately 12” on center.
  3. Pancake screws should be placed on the top section on both sides of any overlaps.
  4. Lap screws should be placed on the lower section on both sides of any overlaps on the high seams of your metal roofing panels.


NOTE: It’s important to clean off all metal shavings if your project will take multiple days. The shavings can easily rust overnight, staining your roof.

If you have corrugated metal siding panels, your panels should overlap as seen below:

If you’re using another material - like stucco - you will need to use a reglet.

You can find step-by-step video tutorials on reglets and much more by going to our learning channel.


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