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How To Get A Metal Roof For Your House: What’s The Process?
Lauren Risotto

By: Lauren Risotto on May 24th, 2023

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How To Get A Metal Roof For Your House: What’s The Process?

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Installing a metal roof on your home is a major investment. We understand that the process of buying a new roof can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. While Western States Metal Roofing does not install metal roofs, we understand the process as we work closely with metal roofing contractors everyday to supply the materials needed for their residential and commercial projects.

In this article, we give an overview of the metal roof installation process with a roofing contractor as well as what to look for when hiring a metal roofing contractor.

hiring a metal roof contractor


What To Look For When Hiring A Metal Roofing Contractor 

  • Valid license
  • Bonded and insured
  • Written, detailed estimate
  • References and photos of previous work
  • Do they have extensive experience with metal roofing

There are plenty of important questions to ask a roofing company before you hire them for your roofing project, but the above bullet points are an excellent starting point. Hiring someone that is not licensed, bonded or insured is putting yourself and your home at a huge risk. Instead, you want a professional metal roofing contractor that is well equipped to install a metal roofing system.

You also want to receive a copy of the written estimate for your records so there are no surprises at the end of your metal roofing installation. Make sure the quote has a breakdown of the costs including:

  • Labor costs - The costs of the service provided by the contractor or subcontractor.
  • Material costs - The costs of the roofing materials and supplies needed to install the roofing. (if you are using the roofing contractor to supply your metal roof material).
  • Miscellaneous costs - Incidentals such as travel expenses (if applicable).

Contractors should also be able to provide you with testimonials and examples of their previous projects so you can see their workmanship. Be sure they are experienced and have the skill set for metal roofing. Sometimes general roofing contractors do not have experience with metal and will make a simple installation mistake, such as using the wrong sealant, that results in damage and needed repairs.

Reputable companies will have online reviews to consult as you do your research on prospective metal roofing contractors. Also ask for a reference sheet and call and check on those references.


What Happens When You Find A Roofing Contractor

Each professional roofing contractor’s process is slightly different but they usually follow a similar protocol. 

  1. Receive estimate
  2. Sign paperwork
  3. Put down deposit (payment schedule varies)
  4. Pull permits
  5. Complete installation
  6. Final walkthrough

Keep in mind the above steps do not include picking out your metal roofing panels. If you choose to buy your metal roofing through your roofing contractor, then they will walk you through the process of choosing your metal panels and color prior to receiving your estimate. You can also opt to buy your metal roofing materials directly from the manufacturer.

Once you’ve decided on who will install your metal roof, have received the estimate and signed the necessary paperwork, the roofing contractor will require a deposit to get the project started. 

Your contractor should go over a payment schedule with you prior to beginning the project, but most roof contractors require installment payments where you pay as the work gets completed.

When the project is ready to get started, the roof contractor will pull permits. Permit pulling generally takes only one day. 

Once the installation process begins, it should take roughly 3-5 days for a metal roof. Of course, each roofing job is different. Your roofing contractor should give you a project timeline prior to beginning the project and should also keep you updated in case any issues arise that may delay completion. 

Once the roof is complete, your contractor will schedule a final walkthrough with you so you can view the completed roof together. You want to be on the lookout for anything that looks incomplete or concerning. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have. This time also allows the contractor to explain what they did and ensure that their customer is satisfied.


After A Metal Roof Installation

A metal roof is a “lifetime roof”, meaning it should last for 40-60 years. If there are any issues, below are some things for homeowners to keep in mind.

standing seam metal roof

Metal Roof Warranties

Generally there are two types of warranties on metal roofing: a manufacturer warranty on the paint system and an installation warranty on the labor. Manufacturer paint warranties for a new metal roof are given by the manufacturer and are usually 25-50 years while the installation warranty varies depending on the metal roofer. Be sure to ask about installation warranty specifics prior to signing any paperwork.


Metal Roof Inspections

Metal roofs are a low maintenance roofing material, however, they still need some occasional  preventative maintenance. We recommend a roof inspection every 2-3 years or as needed (after a major storm etc)  to make sure there isn’t a roof leak or need for repair. You also want to do occasional cleaning such as removing leaves from the gutter. This roofing service helps avoid early staining or rust development that fallen dead leaves can cause when not removed due to water buildup.


Hiring The Right Contractor

Not all residential roofing  installations are the same. As we mentioned earlier, you should look for local roofing contractors who are experienced in metal roofing specifically. Be sure to do your due diligence and vet all contractors you are considering for hire.


Download our FREE checklist on what to ask a roofing contractor before you hire them here.


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